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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Action Comics # 1061
Adventureman: Ghost Lights # 1
Avengers # 9
Batman Beyond # 1 (Facsimile Edition)
Batman & Robin # 5
Daredevil: Gang War # 2
Giant-Size Spider-Man # 1
Miguel O’Hara: Spider-Man 2099 # 2
Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 15
The Sensational She-Hulk # 4
Spider-Gwen: Smash # 2
Transformers # 4
Ultimate Spider-Man # 1

Action Comics # 1061– Making his big debut for DC, Jason Aaron hits the ground running with the return of Bizarro, and while he gives Superman a run for his money and the action is displayed with such valor thanks in part to John Timms, the plot seems very familiar if anyone remembers how Bizarro was portrayed in Alan Moore and Curt Swan’s classic tale “Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow?!” so it looks as it Aaron took elements from that story and just ramped it up which is not necessary a bad thing given that he’s such a talented writer and while the story itself sees Bizarro trying to turn Metropolis into another Bizarro World as well as Superman’s vulnerability to magic, it does carry that “been there, done that” factor but with Aaron at the helm, he manages to add some new twists and turns that will no doubt take the excitement level to new heights. Hence, it is another example of how great “Action” is and should be on everyone’s reading list.

Adventureman: Ghost Lights # 1– This new installment of Adventureman delivers the perfect reintroduction that catches up the old readers while bringing some new ones all within the first few pages; This series finds Claire Connell, who’s taking up the Adventureman mantle heading into a conspiracy that’s filled with ghosts as well as other pulp tropes that finds Matt Fraction at his best when he writes a story such as this one but Terry and Rachel Dodson once again shines with their detailed art and the numerous spreads in this issue that highlights the pulp aspects and you can never go wrong reading a story with their magnificent artwork on display; This series delivers on the suspense and action while staying again stay true to a genre that’s very old-fashioned but continues to amaze.

Giant-Size Spider-Man # 1– Marvel celebrates its Giant-Size issues by bringing back an old rivalry – Spider-Man vs Venom! Only this time, it’s Miles Morales and Dylan Brock. Still, while this seems like a good idea it never gels once you read it because while the action scenes are extremely captivating, it never delivers on the Spidey/Venom slugfest. Still, we get them teaming up and then fighting against each other (very briefly I might add). Hence, this is a hit-and-miss situation even though the addition of Misty Knight is very welcoming since she continues to play the part of Miles’ new mentor with such grace and their chemistry is still amazing (no pun intended); Maybe next time we’ll get an another Spidey/Venom battle but this is the perfect example of a good idea should stay an idea, no matter how many times we’ve seen this particular factor from Spider-Man history get played out.

Ultimate Spider-Man # 1– Taking some of the plot threads that were introduced in “Ultimate Invasion”; this new interaction of Ultimate Spider-Man serves as the perfect jumping-on point while welcoming back readers of the original series but while it’s a joy to see this series returns with such enjoyment, be ready to delve into the changes because gone is the modern-day retelling of a teenage Peter Parker getting bit by a genetic spider but the character as an adult with children AND married to none other than Mary Jane Watson (A element that many Spider-Man fans will love or hate); To some, Jonathan Hickman may be an odd choice as a Spider-Man writer but this issue is a prime example of him being on his A-game and when he’s allowed to tell the stories he’s laid out in advance, it’s simply magic, mainly because he manages to keep things fresh and lively without recycling anything that Brian Michael Bendis brought to the table back in 2000; Marco Checchetto is one of Marvel’s artistic giants and he just keeps getting better and better with every page. Yes, some changes will shock you so **NO SPOILERS**; When Marvel gives us a Spider-Man story that is accessible to new and old readers, we get to see the creativity shine from beginning to end while once again being the perfect alternative to the regular Spider-titles currently out so for the sake of its creative team, give this title a chance!

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