What Comic Book Characters Would be Great at Gambling?

Comic books have given us an incredible selection of superheroes and supervillains over the years. Considering some of the jaw-dropping superpowers that these characters possess, which ones would be the best at gambling over at casino sites or real-world locations?

Superman – but Not at Casino Sites

The Man of Steel is known for having numerous powers, including flight, superhuman strength, incredible speed, and regenerative healing. However, what would make Superman a nightmare for land-based casinos is if he attended as his alter ego, Clark Kent. As Clark, the Man of Steel could enter a casino and sit down at the blackjack table.

When playing blackjack in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, the dealer leaves one card facing up and the other facing down. However, Superman would have the power to use his X-ray vision and see the card that is facing down. By knowing both cards, Clark would know exactly how to make his next decision.

Of course, this is not a plan that would work at an online casino. The cards are in the digital realm and there is nothing to see through. However, Superman could get a helping hand with a no deposit casino bonus that has been found from Nodepositdaddy.com’s extensive research into the best bonus offers on the marketplace. At least, then, Clark would still have an advantage to work with.

Magneto Could Thrive at Roulette Games

Magneto has a fraught history with the X-Men and is often at odds with Professor X over how humans should be treated. The average human is fearful of the superpowers that mutants possess and often act irrationally with hatred when faced with their doubts of the unknown. Even a casual fan who has only seen the movies will be aware of this conflict between Magneto and Professor X.

From the movie franchise, Magneto was one of the most engaging characters for his ability to manipulate magnetic fields and meld ferrous and nonferrous metals. Although not appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, millions of people have seen Sir Ian McKellen portray Magneto and use the powers to devastating effect.

However, one opportunity not explored in any of the films was to place Magneto inside a casino where he could manipulate metals. While he could not see through any cards like Superman, Magneto could be even more effective when placing lucrative bets on single numbers. He could then manipulate the wheel to ensure that the ball lands on his number.

As with Clark, Erik Lehnsherr would be unable to ply his trade at online casinos. Fortunately, he could still find an advantage by looking for new codes and offers to find free spin bonuses. These offers are quite a common marketplace and can also be considered by humans who do not have cool mutant powers.

Professor X and Cerebro

Professor X would be much too nice to ever use his superpowers to gamble. If he did, however, he could drastically boost the budget of the X-Men. By using the power of Cerebro, he could tap into the minds of gamblers and casino sites all over the globe.

Chronos Travelling through Time

As a supervillain from DC Comics, Chronos would have no qualms before using his time travel abilities to take advantage of online gambling operators. One of the simplest options would be for Chronos to compile a list of sporting events and then travel forward in time to discover the results. Armed with that knowledge, he could then go back and place bids with a range of sports betting operators.

A quicker plan would be for Chronos to instead travel forward in time to determine the outcome of a progressive jackpot at an online casino. He could then travel back and ensure that he stakes big on the right spin. With Chronos bulking up his account at will, it would be an immense challenge for the DC heroes to prevent this supervillain from taking over the world.

Gambit and His Card Skills

Remy Etienne LeBeau was born in New Orleans, where he picked up a charming accent and a flair for cards. And this is fitting, given that the state of Louisiana has a renowned history for operating riverboat casinos. As one of the X-Men, Remy is known as Gambit and fans will be familiar with his superhuman ability to manipulate kinetic energy.

Despite being closely associated with throwing cards, Gambit could perhaps deal to players in a basement game of poker. Using his flair for harnessing kinetic energy, he could quickly shift the cards around to ensure that he gets the best ones. Of course, he would need to know the right moment to get out while delivering a witty one-liner at the same time.

Two-Face and His Love of Odds

Two-Face would be the perfect supervillain to run a casino. Since his tragic scarring as Gotham district attorney Harvey Dent, Two-Face uses his damaged coin to make big decisions. With heads or tails the outcome, Two-Face could develop a fondness for roulette and the outcomes of black or red and odd or even.

With Two-Face having amassed a cult of followers, the guy would have an early audience to fill his casino before a larger audience enters from Gotham. Although Two-Face respects the sanctity of the odds, the guy is no fool and anybody abusing the system would likely find themselves in his office, where he would promptly use his coin to determine their fate.

Tony Stark’s Genius

As a master of technology, Tony Stark could harness his Iron Man budget to develop algorithms and systems to help him profit from online casino sites. With video slots and progressive jackpots determined by random number generators, Tony would surely come up with a way of beating the house and profiting.

Tony Stark could also be a force within a land-based casino, given his arsenal of strange gadgets. For starters, his genius intellect could help him develop glasses with X-ray capabilities to see through cards. And who knows if he couldn’t manage to harness the power of some magnetic gadget to manipulate the functionality of a roulette wheel?

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