REVIEWS: Detective Comics #1024

Detective Comics #1024

Both Batman books were released simultaneously this week, so I wanted to compare them. Of the two, Detective is by far the better book in my opinion. I like the stylized art and think the story is a bit more cohesive and the characters are more developed.
I miss the issues where it was centralized around the Bat-Family with Batwoman, Orphan, Clayface (who I thought was out of place on the team), Spoiler, and Drake-Robin. Those were fun issues and Batman had his book and the Bat-Team had theirs. Now, there are two Batman centric books running simultaneously. So, I guess that’s back to normal.
This issue is a continuation of the Two-Face cult storyline, where Two-Face had collected a bunch of followers and somehow got possession of an armored batsuit (I missed somewhere how that happened). The issue begins with Two-Face, Batman, and the henchmen duking it out with the Talons. I always liked the look of the Talons and they’re pretty mean, considering they’re zombies. They were sent by Joker (another explanation I missed somewhere).
Meanwhile, the Joker is spectating from a room with a huge monitor with his shoes off revealing his bright yellow socks. He’s shoveling popcorn down his gullet and spewing commentary. Batman tells Two-Face he has to make a choice to either side with him or the Joker. Two-Face decides to side with Batman and his cultists join the battle.
During the battle, Two-Face is wounded, and Batman removes a bullet from his skull that brings Harvey Dent’s personality back to the forefront. The issue ends with Harvey in Blackgate Prison (not Arkham), where he’s giving free legal advice to the other inmates. He is visited by Matches Malone, which is Bruce in disguise. After making sure that Harvey is doing all right, he dons the Batman costume once again, setting out in search of the Joker.
Though the issue is essentially one big fight scene, I did like what they did with Harvey’s character and the Joker’s scenes were quite humorous. Check it out.

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