Wayne’s Worlds: Hoax Hunters #8

Hoax Hunters is an interesting blend of The X-Files, Challengers Of The Unknown, BPRD and Supernatural. If you like the spooky and the mysterious, this comic will keep you on the edge of your seat from page to page.

This ongoing series from Image Comics is written by Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley, with art by Axel Medellin. The next issue hits local comics shops on Wednesday, March 13. During the conclusion of “HAUNCHYVILLE,” recent revelations leave the Hoax Hunters searching for answers as they confront the strange terror of Haunchyville.

So, for those who came in late, just who are the Hoax Hunters? “Cryptids. Aliens. Monsters. All the world’s bizarre secrets–what if they were real? Their existence would be debunked by a reality TV show! HOAX HUNTERS is that show, publicly disproving all variety of lore. But their real goal is the opposite: as the world’s dark corners surface, the HOAX HUNTERS cover them up. They demonstrate that the truth isn’t out there.”

Previously a back-up in Hack/Slash, Hoax Hunters was given its own book several months back. Issue #0 collected that first story, and issue #1 kicked off a new tale that’s got me wondering just what’s going to happen next!

You can check out their website as well! I interviewed creator Michael Moreci during the 42nd episode of my weekly Wayne’s Comics podcast, which you can find at this link. Also, USA Today covered the book, and you can read that article on their site.

Now, I love me some longjohns superhero stories as much as the next comics reader, but I want to read a good story most of all, and that’s got me looking in other places to find a great and powerful tale of people fighting the odds.

The book’s characters are vibrant, but the one that made me smile was Ken Cadaver, who literally looks something like a zombie because he’s the re-animated corpse of a NASA scientist. (Now that’s what I call “dead!”) The rest of the team includes Regan (Wasn’t she in The Exorcist?), a red-headed woman who knows a thing or two about possession, and Jack the team leader, who’s black. Even in this enlightened era, it’s rare when a person of color is the one in charge, so the fact that he’s great at his job makes it a good thing to see in a comic, honestly.

The comic has a quick pace and timing to it, making me anxious to turn the page to see what happens next. Also, the art by Axel Medellin is just perfect for the tone of the story. In fact, during the first four-issue storyline dealing with a bayou, I got so engrossed in the comic that I kept hearing the song “Swamp Witch” playing in my head as I read along … that’s how good the storytelling is!

If you love variety in your reading as much as I do, be sure to pick up Hoax Hunters. It’s worth it!

Check out an image from the series below:

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