Wayne’s Worlds: Ghoul’s Goblin #1 of 6

I’ve been a big fan of The Dresden Files ever since Syfy created a television series based on the novels. To prepare for watching the show, I caught up on the books. I loved the program and wish it had survived more than one year!

Fortunately, Jim Butcher has been giving wizard-for-hire Harry Dresden play in comics as well as in the written word (and audiobooks). Dynamite! has been working with Butcher to fill in some of the gaps in Harry’s previous escapades.

The latest foray into comics is Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files: Ghoul Goblin, issue 1 (of 6) in comic shops everywhere as of January 9, 2013! It’s written by Jim Butcher and Mark Powers, with pencils from Joseph Cooper, with Ardian Syaf back for the covers.

Here’s the description: “An original comic series set in the official Dresden Files continuity! Harry Dresden has survived the events of Fool Moon – barely – but all is not well in his world. He’s still alienated from his closest friend, Karrin Murphy, and on exceedingly poor terms with Chicago’s number one gangster, John Marcone. And that’s just the small stuff — the creatures of the Nevernever don’t take vacations and aren’t particularly worried about Harry’s friendships or love life.”

Since Mr. Butcher is involved, we get healthy doses of Harry’s self-deprecating humor as well as his pop culture awareness. The pacing is quick, and the art is strong and steady, fitting what’s happening to the characters (and monsters) in the book.

Comics like these help fill the gaps between novels. The latest release is Cold Days, and things are in a very different place there than in the comic, but Harry is the anchor that keeps us interested in everything that takes place, so it’s not difficult to land in difference places in Harry’s life and know just what’s happening.

If you’ve considered getting into The Dresden Files, this comic might be a good place to give it a try. If you like it, Fool Moon (the first novel) came out in comics adaptation. Or you can go to the novels and catch up that way!

For more information on other Dresden Files comics, go to dynamite.com. To see the cover, check out the graphic below:

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