RICH REVIEWS: Northguard # 2

Title: Northguard # 2
Publisher: Chapter House Comics
Writer: Anthony Falcone
Artists: Ron Salas, Eric Kim
Colour Artist: Juancho
Letterer: Ryan Ferrier
Cover A: Ron Salas
Cover B: Eric Vedder
Northguard created by: Mark Shainblum and Gabriel Morrissette
New Northguard designed by: Kalman Andrasofszky and Ron Salas
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: The secret base Northguard operates out of is state of the art. P.A.C.T. and the CIA are working together. There is even a Canada Room in the base. Yes you have to see to believe it. Americans do have the oddest ideas of what Canada is really like.
Northguard is on a mission when Kebec makes her presence known. She is illustrated so beautifully. This is a female super-hero. This is how a female super-hero should look.
These two heroes end up in battle against a cult. They need to work together to survive.
Who is Marla? This issue will leave you wondering that.
Kebec is so cool. She should have her own series. Kebec has a cool attitude. Northguard is good but Kebec steals the show.

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