ART’S REVIEWS: Watch your Back, Mr. Minimoto – Frank Schildiner’s homage to a classic hero

Prolific author Frank Schildiner has written a new chap book for the folks at Meteor House “watch Your Back, Mr. Minimoto.”  We have a lively discussion about the ORIGINAL character upon whom Mr. MiniMOTO  is based as well as discussing the popular film franchise on which it is based and the connection of the character to the Wold Newton Universe.  The story takes place in 1927 as a young Minamoto sets out on his first major assignment for the Japanese Secret Service.  As always, when Frank is at the helm, there will be authentic Martial Arts action galore. There are also s few “Easter Eggs” some of which we reveal in the interview!

But that is not all!  Frank has another new book due out on August 1st: “Napoleon’s Vampire Hunters” from Black Coat Press about undead doings in the time of Napoleon Bonaparte.  Just weeks before Napoleon is to be crown Emperor of Europe, a monstrous evil arises from his past seeking vengeance. This is another hot ticket.

And then Frank tells us about OTHER new projects that will be out very soon!  Don’t miss this one!

And I hope to see you all at Pulpfest in Pittsburgh this week!


Watch Your Back, Mr. Minimoto (Meteor House):


Napoleon’s Vampire Hunters (Black Coat Press):


Amazon’s Frank Schildiner’s Author Page:

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