Kalman Andrasofszky talks about CAPTAIN CANUCK

Captain Canuck is coming back to Chapterhouse with a new number 1! It’s an exciting time as the flagship character returns. Captain Canuck author Kalman Andrasofszky stopped by First Comics News to give our readers a little peak at what’s to come.

First Comics News: What has Tom been doing since he gave up being Captain Canuck?

Kalman Andrasofszky: The new series will answer that question on page 2!

1st: Captain Canuck is an Equilibrium creation, how does Tom get the suite back?

Kalman: You’ll have to wait a bit longer for that answer, but it too will be addressed in the new series.

1st: The world is facing an alien invasion, are these the same one Tom and Michael dealt with before or new aliens?


Kalman: Hmmmmm, two alien threats would even worse that one, right? That would even more apocalyptic and threatening, right? I couldn’t be that cruel to the characters in the Chapterverse… could I?!?

1st: Who is Pharos?

Kalman: The whole world will be asking that question by issue 3.

1st: What is Captain Canuck’s relationship with P.A.C.T.?


Kalman: That’s something that will be played out in this particular arc. On page 1, the relationship is absolutely nothing. By the end of the arc… hmmmm.

1st: What is the HALO organization?

Kalman: We’ve seen a bit of H.A.L.O in sister title Agents of P.A.C.T. They’re roughly the U.S. equivalent of P.A.C.T. they investigate and deal with the paranormal, but unlike P.A.C.T they take a zero-tolerance stance and want to purge the Earth of anything, mystical, alien, or superhuman. And they have some sort of hold over Equilibrium.

1st: Is there anything else new fans need to know before reading Captain Canuck #1?


Kalman: Tom Evans and his brother were both exposed to an alien artifact in the Canadian Arctic. It gave Tom powers and affected Michael in a less obvious way. Together, they built Equilibrium, a global crisis intervention agency. When Michael murdered Mr. Gold in cold blood, Tom rejected his role in Equilibrium and walked away from the mantle of Captain Canuck. No one has seen him since.

1st: When will Captain Canuck #1 be in comic shops?

Kalman: It’s done and off to the printer. So…Wednesday.

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