Want to Win Some NFTs? Play NFT Slots in Decentraland!

NFT or non-fungible token is the new asset in town, and top online casino operators are paving the way for it to become accessible. These digital properties are limited, so their prices will only go up, provided that there is adequate demand. Now, you can own NFTs without buying them. All you need to do is to play slot machines in Decentraland.


Lucky Degens Out in the Market

Lucky Crypto, a renowned gaming platform that accepts cryptocurrency, released a new set of NFT collections called Lucky Degens. The NFTs are prizes you can win if you play the company’s slot machines in Decentraland.

Decentraland is a metaverse where people can roam around a digital land. Once you go to the Lucky Crypto casino in Decentraland, you can play slots and have a chance to win a Lucky Degen NFT.

The exact location of the slot machines is in Lucky Degens Embassy inside the Decentraland Metaverse. The player has to go to the Lucky Degens Embassy, the coordinates of which are -57, -104. To start playing, one must go to the second floor. Then, the player must activate the slot machine.

Before one can participate, he must have a cryptocurrency wallet attached or integrated with this Decentraland account. Today, the most popular option is MetaMask. Once the player wins an NFT, he can begin minting it for free. If a player only plays as a guest, he will not win the NFT.


What is Lucky Degens Embassy?

The Lucky Degens Embassy is an establishment inside Decentraland. It is the business representation of Lucky Crypto in the meta-universe. The Lucky Crypto casino owns the Embassy, and their goal is to create a series of casinos in the metaverse.

The difference between Lucky Crypto and Lucky Degens is that Lucky Crypto is a casino website. Anyone with a browser can access the online casino. The Lucky Degens Embassy, however, is not accessible unless you have an account with Decentraland.

For now, it is free to play in Lucky Degens. Players can access the slot machines and spin the reels a maximum of ten times per day. All visitors to the Embassy can play, and if they win, they are eligible to mint a free NFT. However, the winners must wait. The NFT is not automatically transferred to the winner’s asset. Instead, the player has to mint the free NFT on the next drop.

Eventually, Lucky Degens will be an exclusive club. Players need a kind of wearable to enter the premises. Wearables are not free—the player has to buy them.


What Are the Perks of the NFT?

Those who already own an NFT from Lucky Degens can play slots up to 50 times per day. It means that they have more chances of landing a winning spin. In the future, other slot machines in Decentraland will allow players to win NFTs. Some will eventually offer tokens.

The Lucky Degens Embassy is not only giving NFTs; it is also a way to increase brand awareness. Those who get to play in Decentraland will eventually find out that they can register for an account in a real online casino, the Lucky Crypto Casino.

The Lucky Degens Embassy has two types of NFT collections. The first one is the OG Lucky Degens (available since the 24th of June), and the second one is the Lucky Jungle NFT Collection (available since July).

Those who own a Lucky Degen NFT can enjoy several perks and benefits. The benefit includes a Lucky Token every time they go to the Embassy.


Whatever NFT type you have, you will enjoy:

  • 25% cashback
  • 25% revshare
  • Free spins
  • VIP access
  • Exclusive monthly rewards.

The VIP access means you can play games that are only accessible by VIP members. You will also be eligible to get a Lucky Token airdrop from time to time. These tokens have value, as you can use them in the Lucky Crypto casino. You can also use the token in other metaverse casinos.

If you own an NFT, you can also get a wearable from an airdrop. It is exclusive to metaverse players. Once you have it, you can now play high-stakes games in the casino.

Lastly, you can collect profits. In addition, you will have voting power or help the company decide what to do next. For example, you can help them decide if they have to build new games, buy more lands, etc.


If you own a Lucky Jungle, you can get several exclusive animal NFTs. Some examples of these are:

  • Bulls
  • Elephants
  • Frogs
  • Dogs

There are many types of animal NFTs. In the future, the company will release more. Each month, they plan to release a new type until January of 2023. The maximum count of each NFT is 1111. Minting the NFT costs about 0.1 ETH. In the future, this price for minting may go up. In total, the Jungle Animal NFTs will have a collection of 7777 exclusive types.

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