The passion for comics and the reason for its authenticity

The perfect balance between one’s professional life and one’s extra-occupational interests can only be achieved when our hobbies are not only cultivated with patience and continuity but also experienced with a light, calm state of mind, as close as possible to imperturbability. Some people, at a certain point in their existence, suddenly realize that they devote too much time to work and that they have almost no other interests outside of their social commitments, their family life, and all those small daily activities that form the daily routine. These people then begin to feel a kind of emptiness, as if something really important, personal and meaningful were missing in their lives, something they may not be able to put a name to, but the effects of which they know very well: accelerated palpitations, bursts of enthusiasm, spontaneous smiles, and many more. These are the natural effects that come from regularly indulging in one’s most authentic passions, those that make our heart beat faster and that sometimes even drive us to make crazy journeys to attend some industry event, some gathering, some trade fair, or exhibition. Those who realize that they do not possess one of these all-encompassing passions, more often than not, reach a point where they try to fill the void with whatever comes their way, devoting themselves rather casually to some of the traditional activities universally counted among people’s pastimes or hobbies.


Choosing our hobbies

For these reasons, many people take up a sporting activity, join a dance class or several online training sessions at the gym with Healthline, and the more daring even start traveling, exploring all the things they never had time to see. Still, others indulge in one of the infinite forms of collecting, starting to accumulate all sorts of objects until they fill a good part of their attic or garage at home. In the latter case, the passion lasts more or less a couple of years, then – for different reasons – it almost disappears. The example of collecting can be very useful in identifying these impromptu passions, absolutely not genuine, that people begin to explore only because they feel the urge to fill their lives with something other than work or activities related to family and friends. This kind of passion is not genuine at all, because it does not spring from within, from the deepest recesses of our soul, but is almost imposed from the outside, from the circumstances in which we find ourselves and which begin to suggest to us, in a discreet and silent way, that there is a big gap in our lives that needs to be filled.


Careful self-analysis

To find a genuine passion, one has to dig deep into one’s personality, into one’s personal tastes, asking oneself what kindled our interest when we were younger, or simply at a stage in our lives when we were used to experiencing everything more spontaneously, without any kind of conditioning. If you enjoyed reading Marvel comics as a child, perhaps it is time to dust off this old habit and start re-reading those little books you loved so much. Start by going around your local flea markets to look for some original issues, the very ones you read in childhood, and enjoy a quiet reading of those pages so full of meaning. The feeling you will experience during this operation, but especially afterward, will be prodigious. With an apparently very simple action, you have discovered a new activity with which to fill your days, in a manner perfectly consistent with your real interests and with what you have always been passionate about. Ultimately, the comic book is an extremely effective method of recovering the best part of your past and bringing it back into the present, thus helping you to live more fully and consciously.

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A journey into our most authentic passions, those that in some way have marked our lives, will help you discover new ways of living, new ways of spending your days, side by side with what makes us unique and still makes our eyes sparkle.

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