Missoula MT (09/26/2022): Vault is thrilled to reveal a thrilling preview of HEART EYES #2, written by Dennis Hopeless (Sea of Stars, X-Men First Class)drawn by Víctor Ibáñez (Jean Grey, Extraordinary X-Men), colored by Addison Duke(Barbaric, The Rush) , and lettered by Simon Bowland (The Marvels, Lazarus).

In HEART EYES, sanity-eating monsters ended humanity. The unlucky few who survived now hide in the cracks of a broken world. And yet somehow, beneath the graveyard that used to be San Antonio, Rico met Lupe, the girl of his dreams. But how did she get here? And why is she smiling? No one survives out in the street. No one smiles where the monsters lurk.

HEART EYES #2 hits store shelves on Wednesday Sept 26th, and features a chilling B cover variant by the mighty Michael Dialynas (Wynd). The full synopsis can be read below:

Lupe has run off to meet the monsters. Rico has to catch her or lose her forever, this strange, smiling girl who stole his heart. But what’s Lupe’s story? Where did she come from? And why doesn’t she fear the monsters that ate the world?

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