Title: You Are Home
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Author/Illustrator: Catana Chetwynd
Price: $ 14.99 US, $ 19.99 Can
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Two people are sharing a home. They are shown as just your normal everyday couple living their lives and having fun. These two go through all the things you do and they add a little humor to it.
The art is simplist and fits the story beautifully. Each page is a collection of panels that deliver a short part of their lives.
Some of the things we see are not exactly what real people would do but over exaggerations. And some are spot on.
Catana and John have all their daily living shown in the limelight. There are some really funny lines throughout this book. They are sure to make you laugh and smile.
It is easy to tell Catana and John are in love. They accept each other for who they are and how they act. At times they do act a little strange but don’t we all?
This book is a great read and something you are sure to love.

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