Vault Changes Name of Young Readers Imprint to Wonderbound

Wonderbound will launch in 2021 with Wrassle Castle, The Unfinished Corner, and two more unannounced graphic novels.

Missoula, MT (9/2/2020) – Vault Comics is thrilled to announce Wonderbound, the new brand for their young readers imprint. Wonderbound will publish science fiction, fantasy, and spooky graphic novels, mostly for middle grades readers. The Wonderbound branding replaces the line’s previous brand, Myriad.

Every Wonderbound book is a ticket to a land of wonder, inviting you to leave behind the ordinary, and explore a world of magic, marvels, and mysteries. Whether you’re learning fantastical wrassling, going on zany quests to deliver packages (and stuff), solving the mysteries of a gothic mansion, or settling into a spooky new apartment, you’re always in for an adventure.

“The genre books and comics I read when I was ten-years-old shaped my identity in ways that are impossible to quantify,” said Wonderbound Managing Editor, Rebecca Taylor. “They taught me how to dream, how to empathize, how to feel heard, and how to think about the world around me. They connected me to lifelong friends. They inspired me to find adventures and to create my own stories. With Wonderbound, I’m grateful and thrilled to have the opportunity to pay those experiences forward to the next generation. Vault has given me and all our amazing creators a true dreamatorium to build worlds full of magic, mystery, and mayhem. I cannot wait to share these books with young readers everywhere!”

“Wonderbound has been in the works from the very first day we put together our vision for Vault,” added Vault President & Publisher, Damian Wassel. “We have always wanted to create a space for amazing genre books for young readers. Of course, the idea has evolved, and so has the market. We’ve brought on amazing people, like Rebecca Taylor. We’ve refined branding, strategy, and curation. And now, to our good fortune, we get to bring a line of amazing books focused on still underserved genres to the most enthusiastic graphic novel market in history. I couldn’t be more excited to continue sharing Wonderbound with the world.”

Wonderbound’s catalog of all-new books includes work from both emerging talent and celebrated, best-selling creators. The wonder begins in Summer 2021, when Wonderbound launches with four books in its first year. In its second year, Wonderbound will scale up, publishing nine books in 2022, including seven all-new books, and the continuation of two series begun in 2021.

Wonderbound’s 2021 launch will include the already announced titles Wrassle Castle and The Unfinished Corner, and will include two other titles that will be announced in the coming weeks. More information on Wrassle Castle and The Unfinished Corner can be found below:

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