April 12th, 2022 — Eager fans around the world will soon be able to explore the Valiant Universe like never before.

Valiant Entertainment is incredibly proud to announce a line of debut adult novels featuring beloved Valiant characters in a major partnership with the award-winning and innovative independent publishing company Blackstone Publishing.

Valiant and Blackstone teaming up to create a series of novels means iconic characters from all over the Valiant Universe — including SHADOWMAN, ETERNAL WARRIOR, LIVEWIRE, and many more — will be introduced to a whole new medium for the first time ever, offering Valiant fans more stories featuring the characters they love while also introducing these timeless heroes and villains to new readers everywhere.

Rick Bleiweiss, Blackstone’s Head of New Business Development said, “I am so pleased that we are going to be publishing Valiant’s fabulous comic book characters in newly written full novels. I know that their existing fan base will love these books and stories, and it will give many more people exposure to the worlds and figures Valiant has created that so many of their ardent followers regularly enjoy.”

Brendan Deneen, Blackstone’s Director of Media, TV, and Film, is thrilled about bringing new voices to the engrossing Valiant Universe. “I’m excited to work with the Valiant team to find the perfect prose authors as we develop exhilarating new takes for this amazing comics library. This is a great chance to bring in new readers to the Valiant Universe while also staying true to what makes these characters so iconic in the first place.”

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