Troy-Jeffrey Allen and Nick Allen signs with Second Sight Publishing

New independent publisher SECOND SIGHT PUBLISHING continues their impressive talent search by signing Troy-Jeffrey Allen and Nick Allen’s title FIGHT OF THE CENTURY. Troy-Jeffrey Allen is also the writer of the book MF DOOM: All Caps and District Comics. Troy also hosts PREVIEWSworld videos. Nick has written in the black anthology called NOIR. “Fight of the Century was a great acquisition for us, I grew up on movies such as Bloodsport, Lionheart, and Rocky. This title that Troy and Nick have created harken back to those movies and the good old days of arena action, “ Ceo Bradley Golden states.


Art by Julius Abrera, Written by Troy-Jeffrey Allen and Nick Allen, Inks by Thiago Gomes DaCosta, Colors by Bryan Magnaye. FIGHT OF THE CENTURY introduces readers to Brazilian MMA fighter Rex Punga. A nationally disgraced mixed martial artist who saw his fight career end before it truly started. All because of the latest and “safest” designer drug. Set in a futuristic Brazil where performance-enhancers have “revolutionized” Brazilian life, FIGHT OF THE CENTURY sees Rex clean up his act as he begins to blaze a comeback trail in the world of MMA. That is unless BrawnPharm – the evil pharmaceutical corporation that has drugged all of Brazil into compliance – doesn’t stop him from exposing their nefarious bottom line!

FIGHT OF THE CENTURY is slated for a fall Previews release.

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