Top 17 Most Rewatched scenes in Marvel Movies

The Marvel Cinematic Universe can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. You can, of course, go to the movie, just like the thousands of fans who made Black Panther become a blockbuster hit in its first weekend. Instead, you can watch the carefully restored Blu-rays or simply stream the movies on your preferred device.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is best viewed on a large screen. The small screen, however, has a significant advantage: you may use the pause button! This allows everyone, from the casual Marvel fan to the most ardent Marvel fan, to examine all of the minutiae of any given frame.

There are lots of amazing moments to be savored in each film. There are so many scenes worth rewatch, it’s hard to pick just a few. However, it is very important to watch Marvel movies in order, and we also have put together a list of some of the more memorable moments from the films’ behind-the-scenes.


Continue reading to see the top 17 most rewatched scenes in Marvel movies that will make you hit pause:


1. Thor Getting Dressed – Ragnarok

Chris Hemsworth has been a prime target for this. Every blatantly sexual sequence with characters like Black Widow or Gamora is followed by a moment showcasing a male co-body. Cheesecake moments are quite well distributed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, which is why they’re so popular.

Since the first Thor picture, Hemsworth has had more chances to lose his shirt than Captain Kirk. By the time Thor: Ragnarok entered theatres, it was evident that Hemsworth fans were in for a treat. Thor, on the other hand, wakes up wearing only his underwear after losing to the Hulk. Soon enough, he dons his armor again, but spectators can see why people love this god.


2. Project Insight List – Winter Soldier

Captain America: Winter Soldier contains a list of names that makes fans pause. This is believed to be the target list for Hydra’s Project: Insight assassination. However, if you look closely, you’ll see some amusing things here. 

Reddit user crap username47 collated various photographs of these names, albeit it isn’t an exhaustive collection. Fans may recognize some of the targets, such as “Anthony Stark” (also known as Tony Stark) and “Mathew Ellis”. The president at this time in the MCU is also a target.


3. Cap Holding The Helicopter – Civil War

Captain America is frequently criticized for being weaker than his teammates. This scene from Captain America: Civil War shows just how powerful he can be. Winter Soldier is attempting to flee the good guys after being brainwashed, and he appears to be on his way out via helicopter. 

Captain America then reaches out and snatches the chopper, thereby stopping his old adversary from fleeing. It’s an incredible scene that demonstrates this superhero’s raw power. We can’t help but admire Cap’s weapons here, even though he is most known for his shield.


4. Daredevil And Elektra – Daredevil

The second season of Daredevil was full of shocks. Daredevil is caught in the heart of a true love triangle. Elektra, the thrillingly violent blast from his past, plays a major role in the story. 

The action is sensual without being sensational, and it’s a genuinely tasteful portrayal of lovemaking. This sequence between Matt Murdock and Carey Mulligan is worth pausing for.


5. Nick Fury’s Grave – Winter Soldier

Nick Fury fakes his death to derail Hydra’s plans. He maintains the pretense by having a burial and headstone made for himself. If fans take a break from Avengers: Infinity War, they’ll find something entertaining to look at here.

Pulp Fiction’s Jules, played by Samuel L. Jackson, reads Ezekiel 25:17, which says, “The road of the virtuous man”. It’s amusing as a joke on its own, but it’s more amusing as criticism of Fury as an “actor” whose performance deceives the world.


6. Black Widow’s Quick Change – Iron Man 2

When she first appeared in Iron Man’s 2nd part, she had a very poor beginning. She pretended to be Tony Stark’s assistant before Nick Fury disclosed that she was a S.H.I.E.L.D. most powerful agent. Black Widow rapidly made a name for herself as a fantastic spy and action hero.

For the big battle near the end of the movie, the now-disclosed agent decides to put on a uniform. There’s just one problem. However, she’s in the backseat of a car driven by Happy Hogan, who has to fight the urge to glance into the backseat and stare at the changing agent. The actress dons a full-body suit for the big battle near the end of the movie. Many viewers pressed the pause button, hoping to see more of the actress’s secrets. Even though there were no secrets left by the time she put on her leather catsuit.


7. Killgrave’s Purple Veins – Jessica Jones

When it came to character design, the MCU decided to depart from the comics a long time ago. Let’s face it. Some of the concepts that work perfectly in a comic book don’t translate so well to the big screen. Kilgrave the Purple Man villain from Jessica Jones wears purple-toned clothing rather than having purple skin.

Doctor Who fans with their thumbs on the stop button may catch a close glimpse of the comic Kilgrave peering through. You can see the nerves in the villain’s neck flashing faintly purple when he’s trying to supercharge his abilities. It contributes to the dangerous consequences of the experiments as well as Kilgrave’s nearly unearthly threat.


8. Daisy Suits Up – Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

On Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Quake (also known as Daisy and previously known as Skye) has had a strange journey. She’s gone from being a member of a shady hacking organization to a super-powered agent.

Daisy is getting ready in an unpleasant morning scene as a result. Fans love to comment on how lovely Daisy is, so we’re convinced that this scenario caused a lot of people to press their pause buttons to rewatch this scene.


9. World On Fire – Daredevil

Daredevil is a kind of paradoxical hero in the MCU. At night, he dresses up like a devil and beats the criminals like a hell. In a handful of great scenes, we get a visualization of this dichotomy. 

When asked how he “sees” the world, Daredevil replies that he sees a world on fire. You can get a good idea of what this looks like if you pause. It’s a very chilling image that captures. ​Daredevil’s daily life in Hell’s Kitchen. Daredevil is trapped in Hell and the only way out is to fight his way out.


10. Star-Lord Gets Drenched – Guardians Of The Galaxy

The most fascinating shift in the MCU came offscreen. When actor Chris Pratt was cast for Star-Lord, fans of Parks and Recreation were introduced to him as Andy from the show. Then he took off his shirt for the role of Groot.

It’s incredible to see how Pratt went from being an overweight schlub to an unbelievably ripped leading guy. This is the rewatch scene that a lot of people would enjoy watching over and over again.



11. Grandmaster’s Palace – Ragnarok

Finding Easter eggs in Thor: Ragnarok is a lot of fun. The film is a combination of various comic narratives that results in something entirely new. You can spot some fantastic echoes of prior comic tales if you have keen eyes and a quick finger for the stop button.

This is evident in the design of the Grandmaster’s Palace in the film. Other notable Marvel characters, such as Beta Ray Bill, Man-Thing, Ares, and Bi-Beast are represented by statues.



12. The Hero Shot – Age Of Ultron

With the first Avengers film, Joss Whedon cemented his reputation as the definitive comic film filmmaker. He has a special knack for capturing the best of what comics have to offer on-screen. And we see that expertise in action right at the start of Age of Ultron.

It faithfully recreates the multi-page action spreads beloved by comic book readers. The opening scene does a wonderful job of presenting our favorite characters’ roles and strengths.


13. Hela In The Trophy Room – Ragnarok

Hela’s journey through Odin’s trophy chamber in Thor: Ragnarok is one of the most memorable scenes from the movie so far. Hela passes various important and powerful relics on her path to the Eternal Flame, which will awaken her zombie army. The film is chock-full of references and Easter eggs for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Hela rejects Odin’s fake version of the Infinity Gauntlet as well as the Tesseract and the Crown of Sutur in Thor: Ragnarok. By rejecting the fake, Hela closes a storyline hole in the MCU that had been gaping for some time.


14. Luke Cage And Misty Knight – Luke Cage

In the comics, he has a running joke about how he doesn’t drink coffee but is constantly invited into women’s houses for a caffeine fix. Instead, he devises new ways to spend time with them and stay up a little later.

In other words, a lot is going on here that’s worth pausing for. Then there’s Luke Cage himself, who has a genuinely heroic body that fans can’t get enough of, as he demonstrated in Jessica Jones. Misty Knight, on the other hand, is graceful yet sultry at the same time. It’s worth a click to get a better look at either persona. However, you’ll have to bring your own coffee.


15. Brand New Steve – First Avenger

In the comics, Captain America transforms from a skinny boy to the finest soldier who ever lived. Early on in the film, CGI was used to make Steve Rogers appear little and weak.

The actors’ performances are top-notch, from how seamless the transition is to how brilliant Chris Evans looks like Steve Rogers. After receiving the super serum, Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers hulks out. It’s an impressive scene on every level. We’re willing to bet plenty of women and men have paused this scene for scientific purposes.


16. The Entire Infinity War Trailer

This is the whole Avengers: Infinity War trailer, not just a single scene or moment. Fans are almost forced to click the pause button to understand what’s going on. There’s so much crammed into this teaser that it’s hard to know what’s happening.

You can also see that Spider-Man is now wearing the Iron Spider costume that he rejected in Spider-Man Homecoming. Above all, we finally get a good look at Thanos, who has arrived on Earth.


17. Luke And Jessica – Jessica Jones

The MCU’s Netflix section soon established itself as the more mature side of the universe. The first season featured a lot of extreme violence and foul language. Fans have been waiting for a long time for more superhero hookups between the main characters, including Luke Cage and Iron Man.

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage’s sex scenes are some of the best in the series. Fans can’t get enough of the sexy scenes between the pair. It’s your greatest chance to see some super-heroic skin, and these scenes are the lighthearted counterpoint to the bloodshed.

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