Tommy Hancock talks about the HEROIC PUBLISHING at PRO SE PRODUCTIONS

Tommy Hancock stopped by First Comics News to talk about their new agreement with AC Comics to publish novels based on the AC Universe. This is very similar to the deal they had with Heroic Publishing. Barry Resse wrote one novel in October 2013 and there was an open submission for Liberty Girl: Fight for Freedom in 2014. Tommy Hancock was nice enough to come back to First Comics News to let our readers know what is planned for the Heroic Universe at Pro Se in 2017.

Let’s start at the beginning…

First Comics News: How did the agreement with Heroic Publishing come about?

Tommy Hancock: It’s awesome when You are part of a publishing house where your writers enjoy what You do and what they do with You enough to bring You new projects, or even ideas. Barry Reese, noted award-winning creator of Lazarus Gray and The Peregrine, is a huge comics fan and brought up a few years back how there were several great companies of characters that could use a Genre Fiction/New Pulp prose treatment. From there, Barry put Pro Se in touch with Heroic Publishing’s Dennis Mallonee, and a deal was formed. We kicked it off with Barry’s adaptation of LIBERTY GIRL and continue it now with FLARE-THE ANTHOLOGY, with a lot more planned to come.

1st: Some of the Heroic Universe is owned by Dennis Mallonee while other titles are licensed. Which characters can you use?

Dennis Mallonee

Tommy: Dennis and I have gone over the characters that Heroic has worked with and, currently, licensing obligations to most characters that other people may own or at least share ownership with Heroic have been worked out. The Infinites will not be a part of what we’re doing. Creator Roy Thomas has agreed for Captain Thunder, Blue Bolt, and Anthem to be a part of this imprint, but has decided to hold on to Alter Ego for his reasons, which we understand.

1st: I am a long-time fan of Dærick Gröss’ Murciélaga She-Bat, do you have any plans for Murciélaga?

Tommy: We have plans for all the characters over the next couple of years or so, so yes.

1st: What can or can’t you do with the characters?

Tommy: Every story or book done in this imprint goes to Dennis for continuity approval and editing, so we essentially tell the writers to stick to the material we send them for continuity and when they don’t, Dennis lets us know and adjustments are made.

1st: How many books are involved in the project?

Tommy: As many as we can get out as long as the arrangement lasts.

1st: What is the publishing plan for 2017?

Tommy: Our goal is six to ten books in this imprint. We have the Liberty Girl: Fight For Freedom anthology being edited and put together now and a Champions book coming as well, more on that later. We’ll be doing some anthology and novel calls as well.

1st: Is Liberty Girl: Fight for Freedom still accepting submissions?

Tommy: No, we have three stories in for this digest anthology and are in the process of hopefully getting the book out in early 2017

1st: When is the Flare Anthology coming out?

Tommy: It is now available!

1st: Where can you purchase Pro Se Publications?

Tommy: is our website. The books are available via Amazon in print and digital format and most outlets via digital format as well. Any dealers interested in carrying Pro Se works, FLARE, or others, can contact me at for dealer discounts and prices.

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