Da Dum, Da – No, That’s Too Easy … Hook Jaw #1

Hook Jaw #1 Cover
Hook Jaw #1 Cover

Okay, a comic book about sharks. “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” Let’s get the Jaws references out of our system now. “Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies.” Whew … I feel better now. Alright, one more, “That’s some bad hat Harry!”

Ever since Jaws came out in 1975 popular culture has had a fascination with the fear instilled by sharks. A threatening malevolence as eating machines and the alpha predator of the sea. So, it is no surprise that we are seeing a few comics this year featuring sharks. If anything, it is a surprise we haven’t seen shark comics more often. Image’s Grizzly Shark, Heavy Metal’s The Atoll (which has left Heavy Metal before the first issue was printed and was re-solicited from Vault Comics) and now Hook Jaw #1 from Titan Comics.

Hook Jaw #1 Interior Page
Hook Jaw #1 Interior Page

Hook Jaw opens up on a dark and stormy sea, a lone person clinging to a piece of shipwreck while bobbing up and down in the swell. “FLESH” it says. Presumably this is the nearby shark talking. After the inevitable cloud of blood dispersing in the water the scene changes to show the ocean one month later. We find Maggie, an American PHD candidate in a small boat attempting to get close enough to a electronically tagged shark to download the scientific information held within the tag. We meet the Professor and the rest of the international crew on the research boat and as we are exposed to their various quirky personalities things get crazy from there. Pirates, US Navy, more sharks, you get the picture.

The art is well enough rendered, the colours do the job and the lettering conveys the appropriate emotions but like quite a few independent books everything is just a tad unrefined and stylized. The comic also features some text pieces explaining the history of Hook Jaw and how this is actually a revamp of the Hook Jaw character from a weekly UK comic that came out in the 1970’s called Action. There is even a nice little Great White 101 featurette with some useful facts about the big bad boy of the Shark world.

Great first issue and I am going to try and hunt down the physical copies of this AND a few of the 1970’s Action issues.

Issue: Hook Jaw #1 | Publisher: Titan Comics
Writer: Si Spurrier | Artists: Conor Boyle & Giulia Brusco
Price: $3.99

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