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Hello Readers of all things COMIC and FUN. I recently attended Boise Idaho’s LIBRARY COMIC CON 2017 and it was fun. Not as big as The Treasure Valley Con but still a nice surprise to see writers, artists, costumed freaks and fans all come together. Here are some profiles on some of the BEST of the BEST talents that I ran into there:



One of the authors I had the pleasure of meeting was Isaiah T. Silkwood, this man is an honored brother and thankful son. He lives in Emmett, ID with his miniature cow, a feisty chicken, and an obsession for Star Wars. He enjoys ballroom dancing, martial arts, and acting. When not spending time with his family and friends he can be found working on his novels. Isaiah is also an award winning author, taking First Place in the 2014 North American Book Award’s Young Adult category.

His first novel, Thrilling and humorous, Of Pirates and Werewolves is a legend of true fantasy adventure told in the tones of Justin Somper’s Vampirates and Rick Riordon’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Recipient of the North American Book Award’s First Place Honor for Young Adult Fiction in 2014.

Shipwrecked on the island of Gealach—an isle lost in the mist of mythology and mystery—Captain Fish-Eye finds himself pushed to his limits. He must prove to Wokey the Shrimp, his first mate in a crew of one, and more importantly to himself, that he has what it takes to be a true pirate captain. This won’t be as easy as a walk off the gangplank with the bloodthirsty crew of the Harsh One and their slaughtering captain hot in Fish-Eye’s wake. Things only get worse when Fish-Eye and Shrimp encounter a castaway tormented with the idea that he is a werewolf.

Naught be as it seems on the island of Gealach.

The story of Isaiah T. Silkwood and Of Pirates and Werewolves

Born and raised on the High Sea…eheh…High Desserts of Idaho, Isaiah Treat Silkwood grew up an average homeschooled child: hunting, reading Redwall, and battling his brother with toy lightsabers (the cool older ones that didn’t break when you smacked things with them) and toy bows and arrows.

One day, whilst he took aim at his only brother (maybe not that typical a homeschooler), his brother claimed to play this round as a pirate, and to call himself Wokey the Shrimp. Isaiah thought that was the coolest epiphany he’d crossed and so spent three days thinking up his own pirate name. Running the gambit of octopi to crustaceans he finally came to Captain Fish-Eye.

Next came the high school film, Island of the Black Gold. That long awaited prequel to Of Pirates and Werewolves; acted by two brothers, a goat, and a Lego Troll. It yet remains locked away in an old dark chest, lacking all but a final edit to expose it to the world. This film birthed the loose plot for Captain Fish-Eye and Wokey the Shrimp’s adventures and fleshed out their relationship.

After high school Isaiah spent two wonderful years enjoying the classic novelist’s life (gesundheit) writing the novel. Since its publication in 2014 he’s donned his pirate gear to pry currency from…er…to face hordes of eager custom…mm…to be met with mostly, “I don’t read,” comments. Nevertheless with the aid o’ Providence, and his beloved first mate (that’s a whole story unto itself), he has persevered to sell over a thousand copies and garner many a review. Plus a most notable place in the North American Book Awards Young Adult Category.

His sequel Of Pirates and Monsters is set to release early 2018 and his fans couldn’t be more excited for that.

Media LINKS:

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Amazon Author Page:





I had the pleasure of having lunch with a wonderful new author named Natalie Perry. Her book “Dad #1, Dad #2, A Queerspawn View from the closet” recently (pardon the pun) came out. I was excited to attend her launch party but missed it due to scheduling issues, remember I’m mostly a writing hermit these days in the high highhhh Idaho Mountains of Madness. So after my talk at The Idaho Writer’s Guild I was thrilled that she reached out to me, here’s what I learned. When Natalie was twelve years old, her life changed dramatically. After a difficult year with multiple deaths in the family, she was sitting at the kitchen table for another family meeting. “I’m gay,” her dad declared. He moved out the next day.

Today there is a lot of talk about gay families, but twenty years ago in Boise, Idaho, the climate was different. Natalie’s dad is a former Chief Judge of the Idaho State Court of Appeals. He would have lost his job if he’d come out publicly. So, for twenty years Natalie lived in a closeted gay family.

Dad #1, Dad #2 is the first memoir written by a child growing up in a closeted LGBTQ family and chronicles the highs and lows of growing up with gay dads in one of the most conservative states in the country. While Natalie’s family kept their secret for two decades, they have now all agreed to share their story. They hope this book starts conversations about how to accept families some still do not understand.


Natalie is an advocate for LGBTQ families. She participates in Blogging for LGBTQ Families Day, is active with COLAGE, and represents Idaho on the Western Region Advisory Council through Family Equality Council. She is the founder of Treasure Valley Queerspawn, a Boise-area group for teens and adults who have at least one LGBTQ parent or guardian. Dad #1, Dad #2: A Queerspawn View from the Closet is her first book.

More information on her and her book can be found here:





J.C. Jackson is the author of Twisted Magics and Shattered Illusions, which are part of the Terra Chronicles. Writer of fantasy and science fiction, wife, mother, gamer, and a bunch of other stuff, but if she told you everything, where would the fun be?


Here’s the info on her book Twisted Magics (Terra Chronicles book #1):

Magic and science are normal to Ketayl. She was content in her lab at the Terran Intelligence Organization until the day an explosion in Elven Territory thrust her out of the lab and into the field. There, she finds a kind of twisted, dark magic that she has no idea how to stop. On top of having to hunt down a rogue mage, the exposure to the twisted magical energy is putting herself and those around her in danger.


Can Ketayl find the rogue mage and put an end to the twisted magic before she succumbs to its effects?


Info on her novel Shattered Illusions (Terra Chronicles book #2):

Ketayl, an Elven Arcane Investigator, is forced to return to Mystic Port – a place she has not been for nearly 50 years, on an unplanned and unwanted vacation. Upon arriving, she struggles to reconcile who she was, a small child known as “The Faerie”, and who she is now, which is only made harder by her sister and adoptive family. But they aren’t the only ones who insist on digging up the past and to try and shatter her illusion of normalcy. As her family continues to run off without explanation Ketayl is left wondering if something else is going on.


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In all The Library Comic Con 2017 had a taste of everything you’d want at a con, live wrestling, panels, costume contests, artist alley, gaming, dance party and some very cool people milling about. I recommend experiencing it next year if you are in the area. I prob spent easily $60 on comics and scored with a complete 1-19 issue set of HELLSTORM: PRINCE OF LIES!! Yesss!! That’s from my favorite era of horror/MARVEL comics. Sweet!!




On Tuesday September 26th, I’ll be a featured storyteller at STORY STORY NIGHT’s “SLAMMERS IN THE SLAM” which is a Best Of showcase for the best spoken word artists from this last season of the touring group. I’m honored that they thought enough of me to invite me back to participate. Talk about a rap sheet. In an arresting fundraising event, Story Story Night is doing some solid time at the Old Idaho Penitentiary by taking our standout story slammers into custody. Slammers in the Slam spotlights the most captivating slammers from every show of the past year—each telling a five-minute story on the theme ESCAPE before a jury of their peers.

Then, during an extended break with some jailhouse rock, the story slammers become real jailbirds—in lockup as the crowd posts bail on their favorite confessions. The top three get the chance—after being judged by our parole board—to walk away with the title of “Slammer of the Year.” Take-no-prisoners style.

The bull pen spotlight also lands on featured escapee, Hasan Elahi, an American artist whose name was added (by mistake) to the US government’s watch list after September 11th. His arresting story got him stints on This American Life, The Colbert Report, TED & more.

Lock this one down. Get your story fix.

Old Idaho Penitentiary | 7pm (doors 6 pm)

All ages | beer, wine & food

host & warden: Jodi Eichelberger
jailhouse rockers: The Storytellers
featured escapee: Hasan Elahi




And finally as a special TREAT I found a Price breakdown from my days as a touring headliner in standup comedy, this comes from one of the MAJOR Comedy Clubs in Los Angeles and gives you an idea about how it’s fucking nearly impossible to make a living even as a passed and approved regular performing comedian. Reminds me why I’m in Idaho, Enjoy: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


What up everyone? Hope all is well. Some exciting news at the Prov this week. As of last Friday, checks for all paid spots will be available for pick-up at the club immediately following your performance. No more waiting around, wondering. No more strange envelopes from Louisiana. You get off stage and your check will be waiting for you. And, maybe the best part, especially if you like getting hammered, these checks will be accepted at the bar if you want to use them to buy food and drinks. You can take them to the bank to cash or deposit just like any other check, but now you have the bar option as well.

Now, we want to make sure that you are all informed of exactly how the system works so we can minimize surprises, so please read this e-mail. It’ll only take a few minutes and it should answer your questions. And of course, please bear with us as we work out the kinks.

-I almost always book spots over e-mail. From now on, when I send you that e-mail to book a spot on a show, I will attach two forms. The first will be the “Comic Tax Equity” sheet. We need the information on this sheet processed before we can pay you. If you’ve been paid by the club before, you should be familiar with these, and if you’ve already filled one out, you’re good. If you haven’t, print the form, fill it out and bring it when you go to do your set. Hand it to a manager as soon as you arrive so they have time to process everything. *If you have changed addresses since you last filled one of these out, we need you to do a new one. The second attachment to those e-mails will be a sheet called “Comic Pay Breakdown.” It’s one page with all relevant info about doing sets at the club. I am attaching it to this e-mail as it also has lots of relevant information.

-To start, we will have our showroom managers (working sound/lights at the back of the room) handing out checks so you can you walk off stage and grab them immediately. We may have to change that, but that’s where we’re starting. If you are unable to pick up your check the night of the performance, we will mail it to the address on your tax equity sheet.

-Everything else you need to know is in the attached document. The payment structure that we already had in place has not changed. All of payment guidelines are listed in there but for those of you who don’t make it to opening the attachment, here are four important highlights: If you are booked by an independent promoter, you will not be paid by the Improv for you set; if you are booked to showcase, or if you are booked for a set under 10 minutes, you will not be paid for your set; if you drop in and are added to a show, you will not be paid for your set; if you drop in and we ask to add you to a show, you will be paid for your set. Now read the attachment and learn everything else!

If you have feedback on this new system, please call or e-mail me. I would love to hear your thoughts. The main goal behind this initiative is to improve your experience working for us. By distributing information on payment and performance details, we seek to be more transparent with all of you. By paying you immediately, we seek to solve the problem of having you wonder whether or not your check will come in the mail. By allowing you to use your check at the bar, we seek to get you to hang out at our club more, to drink our booze more, to create a new option for you. Benefiting you benefits us, so again, if you have other ideas send them my way. And in case you’re wondering, the initial thought of changing this pay system came from one of you. It took a few months, but here we are. We’re listening.

On to the avails. Please reply by noon Friday.


Congratulations! If you’ve received this you have been booked for a set at the [REDACTED]. We look forward to seeing you on stage. Please take a moment to read this sheet. It outlines the payment details of your upcoming performance. If you have any questions, feel free to speak to any manager [REDACTED] in person or by phone [REDACTED]



If this is your first paid performance at the [REDACTED], or if your address has changed since your last paid performance at the [REDACTED], you MUST complete the attached Comic Tax Equity Sheet or you will not get paid.



If you were booked by an independent promoter, you will not be paid by the [REDACTED]. Independent promoters choose how much to pay comics that they book. If you were booked by the [REDACTED] to perform on an independently promoted show, you will be paid by the [REDACTED].



Guest sets, showcase sets, drop-in sets and amateur sets will all be unpaid. These include sets booked exclusively as industry showcases, un-booked drop-in sets (excluding fill-ins, see below), and sets performed on amateur shows. Whether your performance fits into one of these categories should be clearly communicated to you prior to your performance. If you are unsure of the nature of your performance, please ask a manager or contact [REDACTED]



Some sets are booked on the spot based on the club’s need. If you are booked to replace a booked spot, you will be compensated. Don’t forget to fill out a Tax Equity Sheet *the night of your performance* if necessary – you can get these from the manager on duty. (*These sets are different from “drop-ins” or “add-ons.”)



The following outlines compensation according to the show on which a comic performs and the amount of time that the comic perform. (Note: time is based on how much time a comic is BOOKED to perform, not how long he or she occupies the stage.)


Hosts (Sunday – Saturday): $35

10-14 minute set (Sunday – Thursday): $7.50 … 10-14 minute set (Friday – Saturday): $12.50

15+ minute set (Monday – Thursday): $15.00 … 15+ minute set (Friday – Saturday): $25.00

*0–9 minute sets will be considered as guest/showcase/amateur sets and will be unpaid


Checks will be available for pick up from the showroom manager (sound/light technician at the back of the showroom) immediately following each performance. Checks left unclaimed at the end of business each day will be mailed to each comic.



Comic paychecks for performances at the Hollywood Improv may be used as cash at the front bar of the [REDACTED]. Comic prices will apply (50% off food when performing that night, 25% if not performing, $3 beer, wine & well drinks, no discount for premium drinks). Please do not forget to tip the bar staff. You may also cash or deposit your check at your bank (just like any other check).





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