RICH REVIEWS: La Muerta # 1: Vengeance

Title: La Muerta # 1: Vengeance (GN)
Publisher: Coffin Comics
La Muerta & Loco Created by: Brian Pulido
Written by: Mike Maclean
Illustrated by: Joel Gomez
Colored by: Ceci de la Cruz
Lettered by: Marshall Dillon
Edited by: Brian Pulido
La Muerta Logo by: Jeff Moss
Covers: Matt Merhoff & Ceci de la Cruz, Mike Krome & Ceci de la Cruz, Jeneviere Broomwell & Ceci de la Cruz, David Harrigan & Ceci de la Cruz, Richard Ortiz & Ceci de la Cruz, Richard Ortiz & Sabine Rich, Jesse Wichmann & Ula Mos
Price: $ 7.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: We see some illegal immigrants sneaking into the country. There is something in the dark. The creature moves fast and strikes hard and deadly. The art shows a frightening creature.
La Muerta joins up with Loco a mercenary who is bloodthirsty and Sangre gives them a little trouble before she realizes she is in over her head.
El Brujo is a warlock one who wants more power. He plans to bring back and control La LLoronia permanently.
This comic has tons of gun fights. The bullets are always flying fast and furious.
The art is too dark. Most of the story does take place at night but still, you should be able to see the people better.
This comic combines magic and guns to give you a hard hitting slam bang comic book.

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