Based on the life of the acclaimed cinema icon! 
From Amazing Améziane – creator of Quentin by Tarantino and
Don Coppola comes the final installment of his Cine Trilogy of
graphic novels.
Writer/Artist: Amazing Ameziane
Publisher: Titan Comics
SC, 384 pages, FC, $29.99
ISBN: 9781787743243
On Sale: October 15, 2024From Amazing Ameziane, the creator of Quentin by Tarantino and Muhammad Ali, comes the final volume in his Cine Trilogy of graphic novels.

Based on the lives and films of acclaimed cinema icons, this book focuses on the legendary director Martin Scorsese of Goodfellas fame.

“For as far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a film director…”

In this first-person graphic novel, Martin Scorsese, totally possessed by his love of cinema, tells the story of the journey of the asthmatic little boy from Little Italy who went on to become one of the world’s greatest directors.

Martin takes the reader on a witty journey through his somewhat rock and roll life and behind the scenes of the cinematic masterpieces he has given us.

Created and illustrated by Amazing Ameziane, Martin Scorsese is the third instalment in the author’s Cine Trilogy, illustrating the behind-the-scenes stories of some of Hollywood’s biggest hits.

Martin Scorsese graphic novel is on sale October 15, 2024 at bookstores, comic shops and digital.

Pre-order now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million and Forbidden Planet for UK.

On Sale October 15, 2024

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