Transformers meets Ultraman in a new series geared at mech-fans of all ages.


NEW YORK, February 9, 2024 – Celebrating their seventh anniversary as a comics publisher – and hot on the heels of an acclaimed run of titles including Ninja Kaiden, Dream Master, Dead Detective, and EmpathBlackBox Comics are proud to announce they are joining the Diamond Comic Distributors’ FOC (Final Order Cut-Off) programme in March with their latest title, Bio Mechs!

Written by Jay Sandlin and based on a story created by Sandlin and BlackBox publisher, Dimitrios Zaharakis, the book features gorgeous art by Cleber Souza Lima and Fabio Da Silva Bandres with letters by Cynna Ael. After surviving for eons hidden away from the outside world, the peace on Mechis is shattered by the arrival of the insectoid Hive, who seek to enslave the Bio Mech inhabitants and conquer the planet.

Described as Transformers meets Ultraman with a dash of Starship Troopers for good measure, this new series is well-timed to complement the current resurgence of Transformers and the growing appetite for a more traditional mech series.

“We [co-creator Jay Sandlin and I] put all the things we love into Bio Mechs,” says BlackBox Comics publisher, Dimitrios Zaharakis. “Classic Transformers was a huge influence on us both, as were things like Ultraman, Robotech, Super Sentai, Megaman, and Voltron. Weaving all those inspiring elements together into one fresh cohesive universe was a lot of fun, and we hope readers find as much pleasure in it as we have.”

Issue 1 arrives in stores with four exciting covers from some of Transformers’ finest. Cover A is a stunning new image from the series’ art team of Lima and Bandres, Cover B is by the legendary Chris Batista (G.I. Joe and Transformers), Cover C from fan-favorite Livia Ramondelli (IDW’s Transformers) and Cover D by rising star Raffaele Forte.

The book will also mark BlackBox Comics’ debut on FOC (Final Order Cut-Off) in March, giving retailers and fans extra time to pre-order copies of this exciting new series before it hits shelves on April 24. Subsequent issues will feature the one main cover plus incentives for retailers who support the series, which kicks off a bold new era for the company.

We’ve consistently been producing quality titles on time and on the shelves for the last seven years, but 2024 is the year when it really takes off,” adds Zaharakis excitedly. “Bio Mechs is the first of a new wave of titles that will see us expand our output, introduce even more new titles and characters, and revisit some recent favorites. It really is our time, and I’m so glad to have everyone along for the ride.

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