Tin Sky’s Zombies We’re Human Too – Volume 2 Launching Feb 17,2020

   Press Release! For Immediate Release Austin Janowsky – Creator/Writer of the series “Zombies We’re Human Too” will be coming out with Volume 2 of the series!  The crowdfunding campaigns (Kickstarter and Indiegogo) will be launched February 17, 2020!With the successful Kickstarter for Volume 1, and the huge interest in the series from comic fans and comic creators alike, it was decided to make a second volume and continue the story of the three kids. Christoper, Stacey, and Juan.They decided to try and leave the building by crossing from roof to roof using a ladder that was left. From there they try to make their way down and out to safety but are swarmed again and forced into the storage cellar that has been made into a safe room. With bars on the cellar windows and zombies trapping them in the room, they try and make up stories to calm all of them down. Question is… who’s safe room is this and what if they come back?Series artist Mauricio Campetella (Fathom) comes back for Volume 2 as well as Zombies art teams: Garrett Gunn (Franklin n Ghost), Stan Yak (Boxmaster), Anthony Zicari (Athena Warrior Nun) Joe Davision (Strangers Things 2), Joel Rodriguez (The Dusk County Chronicles)John Crowther (Heavy Metal) and others! Covers/Pin-ups are done by Karl Moline (Marvel, DC), Luis Guargana (Storm King Productions), John Grosjean, Eder Messias, Jon Pinto, Carlos Villas!Austin is running a campaign on Indiegogo for Volume 1 to get people ready for Volume 2! It’s for those that have not been able to get a copy of Volume 1.


https://igg.me/at/ZombiesWH2/x/22964503#/To see the preview of Volume two for FREE, visit the official Facebook Page to read the first 19 pages!


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