Release Date: 6/1/2022

Writer: Valerie D’Orazio

Artist: Jayfri Hashim

Conspiracies. Espionage. UFOs. Hidden History. Secret Societies. The Paranormal. “Beyond” brings you stories about the secret and suppressed, the stories “They” don’t want you to know! Take the Red Pill and join your fearless host Virgil Hall as he takes you far, far down the Rabbit Hole…to “Beyond”! Read the stories of Edward Snowden, The Joker Complex, Charles Manson as well as Father Yod and the Source Brotherhood in this 94-page graphic novel.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3LLMP0I

Space Force: Stormy Daniels #8

Release Date: 6/1/2022

Writer: Michael Frizell

Artist: Matt Gomes

The U.R.E. Helix is dispatched to the edge of the galaxy to investigate a strange signal, only to discover an old enemy and a horror beyond imagination! Can Captain Stormy Daniels and her intrepid crew stop an invasion? Featuring guest star Captain Alea Grant of Space Force Command, this issue has it all!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3wDiUDj

Bold and the Brave #7

Release Date: 6/15/22

Writer: Darren G Davis

Artist: Clint Hillinski

A crazy new hero, The Wombat is on the loose and it is up to the 10th Muse to figure out the connection she has with her before someone gets hurt. Cover by Marvel Comics artist Yonami.

A new unique team-up ongoing series! The “10th Muse”, the avatar of justice on Earth, teams up with the TidalWave Universe’s vast array of colorful, costumed adventurers for a series that hearkens back to the Bronze Age of comics when team-ups were something special!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3wDiUDj

TidalWave Comics Presents #1: 10th Muse and Midnight Witch

Release Date: 6/15/22

Writer: Troy Brownfield

Artist: Walmir S Archanjo

A new crossover series starring characters from the TidalWave Universe as well as others!

The Midnight Witch is a comic book series by author Yonami, initially released by 137 Studio’s “All Geek Comics” comics imprint, whose protagonist is a time-traveling sorceress, the Temporum Era (Time Lady) Màdika Leona. Her stories, very distinctive in their format, however extremely similar in content, bring us a reflection on a lonely spirit embittered by ghosts of her past and taken by guilt in search of redemption for her family and her world, what kind of people she encounters as friends, allies and enemies on her journey, and what lessons she takes with her into the future. An exciting, impactful and dramatic story.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3LDiPnE

Quatermain: Ghosts of the Nzadi Trade Paperback

Release Date: 6/29/22

Writer: Scott Davis

Artist: Marcelo Henrique Santana

The full story together for the first time! While travelling on a somber mission to bury his recently deceased son, legendary hero Allan Quartermain is forced to confront both inner demons…and bestial undead ones too. When the body of his son disappears, he jumps headlong on a quest to reclaim the body and unburies several secrets some believe best left hidden. Woven into historical landscape of the brutal Belgian rule of the Congo, this new Quartermain adventure travels into the heart of darkness and remains true to the exploratory spirit of the original HR Haggard novels

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3Nq65li

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