RICH REVIEWS: Mara: Chapter 1

Title: Mara: Chapter 1
Publisher: Stuffed Rock Studio
Writer: Dylan Goss
Illustrator: Rosi Woo
Price: $ 4.95 US (digital), free (online)
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Mara is illustrated as one cute little girl. Mara is living a peaceful life with her family. She is happy. Then her village is attacked.
We see the wolf Gods and like a lot of Gods, they do not interfere directly.
The illustrations of the Wolf God are amazing. The use of colors and shading make him stand out as something special. He is shown as a creature of myth and legend. The Wolf God Amaruq knows to save its people he has to act.
Mara is given abilities from Amaruq and she uses them against those who attacked her parents.
Mara has become more than she was and in some ways less. She is now an instrument of revenge.
This issue introduces the main characters and tells us a little about them. It does maintain a little mystery about the bad guys.
Mara though going from a sweet innocent girl to a revenge-seeking woman is thrilling to see. She is now equipped to hurt you.

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