Three new issues of ALTER EGO are coming from Heroic Publishing


HEROIC PUBLISHING is proud to announce that the ALTER EGO comic book is about to return with THREE brand-new issues by the original creative team of writer ROY THOMAS and artist RON HARRIS.

And this time when young Rob Lindsay once again dons the mystic mask that transforms him into the world’s greatest hero, he’ll find himself dealing with a new series of threats from out of the comic book worlds of Funny Animals, Teen Romance, and Supernatural Horror.

It’s been 36 years since the comic book called ALTER EGO first graced the shelves of the nation’s comic book shops. That debut happened in 1986 as a limited four-issue series from First Comics, in which Alter Ego (and Rob Lindsay) found adventure in the world of Golden Age superheroes.

In 2011, to celebrate the ALTER EGO comic book’s 25th anniversary, Heroic Publishing released new editions of the original four-issue series, plus a brand-new 5th issue in which Alter Ego visited the world of Crime Comics.

Now, in ALTER EGO #6, our young hero is about to enter the world of Funny Animals, where he comes face to face with some of that world’s greatest heroes, including (among others) ATOM MOUSE, KOZMIK KAT, DYNO PUP, and the mysterious SKUNK BEAR.

In ALTER EGO #7, our young hero will find himself dealing with a very different kind of threat, a threat he may not in fact be ready for. Romance and danger abound when an irresistibly seductive (and extremely wealthy) empress of crime takes it into her head to discard the “useless” Rob Lindsay and keep her newly beloved Alter Ego permanently(?) at her side.

And finally, in ALTER EGO #8, the saga reaches its climax (for now) when our young hero enters the world of supernatural horror for a showdown with the corruptive power of the CARCAJOU.

ROY THOMAS and RON HARRIS are hard at work putting these three new issues of ALTER EGO together, working toward a release date in the summer of 2023.

More information and continuing updates on the progress of these new issues of ALTER EGO can be found on the Alter Ego project page on the Heroic Publishing website at:


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