The77 Annual No.1

The77 comic was launched by The77 Publications in May 2020 as an oversized British anthology comic and has self-funded and published six editions, each having been crowdfunded.
Voted second favourite comic (only behind 2000AD) in the 2020 ComicScene Poll it has attracted a loyal following.who during lockdown used Zoom, Facebook and Twitter to participate in launch events, submit script and art, of which several of which have since been commissioned and published.
The77 Annual is a step up that required more funding to produce a limited edition classically styled 144 page hardback, (which was an exclusive crowdfunding reward) and the 136 page  softback retail edition, which is on sale from 15th November.
As well as over a dozen strips, The77 Annual has features on the history of The77, its cover art, text stories, a ‘spot the difference puzzle, a board game, and two colouring-in and ‘cut out and keep’ activities – all which add to the retro feel of British annuals from the past.
The publishers were keen on producing an ‘all-ages’ book but advise that some content is 12+.
Cover art, Mark Montague
Contributors: Glenn Fabry (Preacher/Aliens vs Predator), PJ Holden (Judge Dredd/MurderDrome), Lew Stringer (Beano/Combat Colin), Stephen Pugh (Hellblazer/Harley Quinn) among the professional talent and breaking artists and writers from The77 stable: Ade Hughes, Andrw Sawyers, Ian Stopforth, Ben Macleod, Brendon Wright, Peter Western, Damian Edwardson, Kish Williams, Toyin Morby Ajetunmobi, Antonio Gonclaves, Morgan Gleave, Andrew Richmond and Drew Marr, (a 12 year publisher of Gold Lion books.
Scripts by: Steve Bull, Dave Heeley, Jo Heeley, Dave Bedford, Ben Cullis. Paul Neal, Christoff Rodriguez, Anna Everts, John Charles and Mamode Obegwele.
Title: The77 Annual No.1

Release date: 15.11.2021
Publisher: The77 Publications
Softback 136 pp £20
Hardback (where available) 144 pp £30
Digital download (via £8

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