Space Oddities #2

Space Oddities is an adventure/comedy story about the crew of the Aftosa; Dirk & Jorge MacSanchez. They are in the business of locating and procuring lost or “misappropriated” antiquities. A lucrative, if not stable, business until a young woman named Jhett Paxton suddenly becomes an unsolicited crew member. Jhett’s quest to find her mother will point them toward a fabled artifact of immense power and all the danger that comes with it.


Last we met our intrepid adventurers: After a technically successful job to recover a stolen artifact, the crew of the Aftosa and their uninvited guest have set a course for Rygar 6. They just have to make one stop on the way. What could possibly go wrong?


Space Oddities #2 page 2
Space Oddities #2 page 4
Space Oddities #2 page 10
Space Oddities #2 page 21

The Kickstarter for issue one was a huge success and a lot of fun and we are stoked to be back for the second installment in this 6 issue arc.

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