The Wombat #1 – Adult Superhero Action Thriller Comic

A young Latino Miguel Mota is gifted powers by a mysterious wombat and must stop ruthless supervillains from terrorizing Pacific City.

The Wombat #1 is Ounce Comics’ very first issue and debut, action-packed, adult superhero comic! Ounce Comics is re-envisioning superhero comics, bringing new stories that both new and seasoned readers can enjoy. Our series pays homage to the classics and are inspired by the amazing stories from your favorite comics and characters. Our focus is, and always will be, our fans and enticing storytelling!

Fans of adult hit series such as Invincible and The Boys will find enjoyment out of The Wombat #1!

Disclaimer: Mature Content – Contains intense violence, extensive profanity,  explicit themes, and other content suitable only for older readers.

The Wombat

As young Latino Miguel Mota struggles to overcome misfortune and explore his newfound powers, new evil lurks in the shadows of Pacific City. Ruthless supervillains terrorize the city on a relentless hunt to capture a mysterious wombat, by any means necessary.

After a terrible accident leaves Miguel without a family, life becomes empty and desolate for the young man. Miguel abandons his ambitions and a promising career as a professional wrestler. Seeking to mask the pain of his troubled past, Miguel finds himself struggling to maneuver through the same mundane motions and stagnant routine of his everyday life. A miraculous event alters the course of Miguel’s dark chapter when he encounters a mysterious wombat roaming in the night!

Astonished as to why a nocturnal marsupial native to Australia is creeping into the alleyways of Southern California, Miguel cautiously approaches the wandering wombat and is greeted with a not-so-friendly hello! Miguel wielded incredible powers, granting him superhuman strength, exceptional speed, heightened senses, and a fearsome set of wombat claws! Despite these amazing abilities, Miguel struggles to accept this gift, as what mattered most to him in his life is now gone…

Seeking to find answers to the origin of these mysterious powers, Miguel suddenly crosses paths with the wombat’s caretaker, Dr. Gabriel Garcia. Miguel quickly finds himself caught in the middle of a vicious hunt, as merciless supervillains Munchies and The Roach stop at nothing to capture the wombat! Far more is left to uncover in the savage hunt, as a cold, calculated, and bloodthirsty figure operates from behind the shadows on a quest for vengeance…

Will Miguel Mota overcome adversity and his personal guilt to stop merciless supervillains from capturing the wombat and terrorizing Pacific City?… Or will he be overwhelmed by guilt and despair, as the city crumbles around him? Find out in The Wombat #1, coming this fall!

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