THE BOOK CAVE: Mari Solinski and The Wonder Kitty #1-3

Mari Solinski and The Wonder Kitty #1-3
written and illustrated by J.E. Czrrales

I just finished reading the first three issues Mari Solinski and The Wonder Kitty. The readers are asked, ‘Can Two Mail Room Heroes Save The Day?’ This is not my usual comic book series with superheroes and supervillains. They are two young women that get into some crazy adventures with aliens and foreign intrigue. Joe Ely Carrales, III wrote and illustrated the series and kept the girls running from one adventure to another, where they meet up with an alien visiting the wrong planet while trying to get someone else to do his school homework.
One of the many things I like about the series is that there is no foul language, sex, or over-the-top violence. The series is full of laughs during their many adventures. Niko, The Wonder Kitty is always looking for the gloom and doom side of things. While Mari, her BFF, tries to keep them both in line. They appeared earlier in YEET Presents from super creator Mike Jones.
Readers should check out the Carrales Studios Productions for the series at From either his Private Massages on Facebook or they can send an email to…. In Canada from Ryan Howatt. Be sure to check out The Mighty Energy Girl #40 by Ken Bailey for the further adventures of Mari Solinski and The Wonder Kitty.

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