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In Manitoba, Canada back in February of 1975 strange and unusual objects danced around the night skies. These near nightly UFO sightings continued for almost two years in this area enchanting onlookers with the possibilities of life from another planet and became known as Charlie Red Star.

Charlie Red Star Cover
Charlie Red Star Cover

Author Grant Cameron witnessed these UFOs for himself and his excitement led him along a path that started with guiding tours of eager onlookers to becoming one of the preeminent UFO Researchers worldwide. In Grant Cameron’s new book, Charlie Red Star: True Reports of One of North America’s Biggest UFO Sightings, Grant delves deep into those 1975 sightings with eyewitness reports from people that shared this experience. The book’s included stories and theories are supported by photographs, quotes, and illustrations giving a very informed look at the Charlie Red Star phenomenon.

Being a work of non-fiction the book’s multitude of first-hand accounts and painstaking research is both its greatest strength and greatest weakness. The facts and figures can bog down a casual reader but for fans of UFO research, the book is a gem. Grant proposes several theories on what caused Charlie Red Star including the rumour that was making the rounds at the time that the USA was performing nuclear testing.

I found the book quite enjoyable and while I don’t have all the answers, Grant has definitely given me all the right questions to ask.

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Title: Charlie Red Star | Publisher: Dundurn
Written by: Grant Cameron
Price: $19.99 – 240 pages

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