RICH REVIEWS: WitchGirls # 12

Title: WitchGirls # 12
Publisher: Heroic Publishing
Story by: various
Art by: various
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: Psyche stars in “The Case of the Sensuous Starlet” by Dennis Mallonee, David Gross and J. Adam Walters, colors Guiseppe Pica and letters Dick O’Malley.
Psyche gets a detective job from a friend who just happens to be a porn star. We learn here Psyche is a former porn star and she was underage when she started.
Psyche has one interesting life she is married but sleeps around and no one seems to think this is wrong. She was married before too. This issue tells you so much about Psyche.
Psyche as part of her investigation has a statue. The statue leads to some strangeness. The story is basically about having Psyche become hornier.
The art has some poses that show off the females nicely and in lingerie and even topless.
Sgt. Furry and his Teddy Bear Commandos in “When A Disemboweler Falls–” story Terrance Griep, script, letters, artwork J. Adam Walters, colors Nataliya Torretta (Grafimated).
This is a poke at Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos. It has stuffed teddy bears in their place. It is not very funny if it was meant to be. Not much at all to this backup story. The art is ok nothing outstanding about it though. The thought of Nick Fury as a stuffed teddy bear is cute though.

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