The Trailer Park Boys F*ckin’ Comic Is Coming F*ckin’ Early!

Let’s kick things off with some excellent news:

The Trailer Park Boys: Get A F#c*ing Comic Book! is being released one week earlier! The boys are back (in comic book form) a bit sooner than expected! Pre-order the book now or run to your local comic shop on July 21, 2021, and grab up a copy before they’re sold out!

It’s so easy even a baby could do it. Or, as Ricky would say, “It’s not rocket appliances!”

TPB-01 Cover Cover B
TPB-01 Cover Cover CBubbles!

Do you want retailer-exclusive variant covers? We gottem, baby!


WonderWorld Comics

Come See Us In Person (For The First Time In A Long Time!)

After a pretty uneventful 2020, we’re incredibly excited to be fully vaccinated and returning to society. There’s no better place in the world to mark our reintroduction to life outside the bubble than a comic convention! Lucky for us (and you), Planet Comicon Kansas City is happening!

We’re hoping you’ll join us IN PERSON at the Kansas City Convention Center on August 20-22, 2021. Check out the booth and get a chance to see Devil’s Due head honcho Josh Blaylock and superstar artist Travis Hymel as they emerge from 365 days quarantine.

If you’re like us, you might also be concerned about safety measures taken to ensure the con is super safe for everyone. The good news is that Planet Comicon Kansas City is every precaution to keep the con safe. They even laid out a comprehensive COVID Response plan which definitely eased any lingering COVID-related concerns.

Table/Booth info TBD. Check the Planet Comiccon Kansas City website

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