The Sentinels 6th Issue (Ongoing Series)

Retro Bronze-Age style superhero team comic a la Justice League (JLA) or Avengers, feat. updated public domain and original characters.

From the Back Issue Bin of a Parallel Universe:

If you’re a fan of Alan Moore/Peter Hogan’s Terra Obscura, Big Bang Comics, or AC Comics’ Femforce, you should check out The Sentinels for a Bronze-Age fix.

Combining my own original characters with updated public domain superheroes, this homage to the Bronze Age of comics should satisfy the urge for comics like they used to make.

Can UltraMan find his home dimension with the Navi-Cube, or will the US Government succeed in stopping him? Also, can the rest of the team deal with The Trickster, reality-warping pain in the neck?

Find out in this action-packed 22-page Bronze-Age style comic book, The Sentinels “Search and Seizure”; a great jumping on point for the series!

Coming to Kickstarter June 1st

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