RICH REVIEWS: Doctor Who: Fury From The Deep (animated) Episodes 5

Doctor Who: Fury From The Deep (animated)

Season 1, Episode 5

Premieres Sunday, March 21 at 6pm ET/5c


Voice Actors:
Dr. Who…Patrick Troughton
Meagan Jones…Margaret John
Frank Harris…Roy Spencer
Chief Engineer…Hubert Rees
Perkins…Brian Cullingford
Victoria…Deborah Watling
Jamie…Frazer Hines
Price…Graham Leaman
Mr. Quill…Bill Burridge
Mr. Oak…John Gill
Chief Robson…Victor Maddern
Main Gate Guard…Peter Ducrow
Pilot…Keith Sissons
Van Lutyens…John Abineri
Chief Baxter…Richard Mayes
Chief Carney…John Garvin

Produced by: Peter Bryant

Directed by: Hugh David

Written by: Victor Pemberton

Run Time: 25 min, 22 sec
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: The breathtaking view of the refinery with a creepy touch added in is beautifully done. The weed creature is taking over the drilling rigs. The refinery is where the Doctor is trying to figure out what to do.
Chief Robson the man in charge of the refinery is under the control of the weed creature and he is on the attack. As the creature is growing and after more people.
The Doctor does show a little emotion with his not knowing how to stop this creature yet you do hear him get a glimmer of an idea. That is all the Doctor needs so next he will react.
The outdoor scenery looks so much better than the characters. It is like it is two different styles of animation.
The seaweed creature is revving up and ready to attack with its new slaves. It is a creepy scene as they advance.  The threat has grown and it is easy to see why this creature should be feared. The more it grows the more of a threat it becomes. All of Britain and then the world stands to be conquered by this invading creature.

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