THE REMNANT #1 and 2 Black Cobra #0 NOW ON INDIEGOGO!

It’s finally here….The Remnant is available on INDIEGOGO, for the next 30 days! We are also offering Black Cobra #0 and The Remnant #0.

The Tribulation Taskforce started this saga, and now it continues in the official Remnant comic series!

Issue 1

Writer: Bill Raupp art: Various

Watchers: Writer: Bill Raupp art: Carlos Rodrigo

features The Apostle narrating the team’s renewed mission and reason for the name change. This issue sets the tone and theme of the series going forward. This issue is illustrated by our favorite indie artists. In the second story, Apollyon re-introduces the evil Watchers team, and their mission.

Issue 2:

24 Pages. Writer: Bill Raupp Art: Carlos Rodrigo

The battle begins. Apostle vs Nephilim VI. When the Black Cobra is abducted on a routine mission, The Apostle goes to get him back. Nephilim VI will be sorry for sure.

Black Cobra #0

16 Pages

Writer: Bill Raupp Art: Gilliard Goulart & Luis Rivera

The aftermath of The Remnant #2 is presented in this special edition. Spotlight on the Black Cobra!


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