The RAVEN podcast is Flying High!

*This podcast is not for the birds!

Episode 8 of the new Hit Podcast “The Raven” produced and hosted by Jason LaVelle features my short story LIBBY which was featured in the short story collection HELL COMES TO HOLLYWOOD 2 by published by BIG TIME BOOKS. After he reads my short story on the podcast, I am then interviewed on the show as well.

I gotta tell ya, this podcast is really sweet. Just a quality, polite, fun show that I firmly believe will be a hit for years to come. Look out Joanna Penn! There’s a new friendly face to rival The Creative Penn!

Jason was nice enough to answer some questions for us! Enjoy.

*Look at that cute face! …and he’s holding a dog

  1. What inspired you to create this podcast? I first fell in love with stories in middle school. That was around the same time that my teenage brain was first starting to deal with depression, anxiety, and an unhappy home life, as well as all the normal teenage drama. Since I couldn’t physically escape my issues, I escaped into books, and I spent the majority of my time reading instead of socializing, that is until I discovered girls, but that’s another story. So my best friends were Stephen King, Piers Anthony, Dean Koontz, Clive Barker, Neil Gaiman, and Michael Crichton. Twenty years later, and I still love great stories, but now I don’t have as much time to read, so I listen to audio-books and podcasts. I realized there aren’t enough good storytelling podcasts, so I decided to throw my hat into the ring and bring more great entertainment to anyone who might want to listen.
  2. Will you ever have another guest as fun as me? There really is only one Tim Chizmar, thank goodness (ha! I’m only kidding, Tim)! I’ve talked to you numerous times and you really are one of the funniest, most high-energy people I know, and the only way I can imagine it getting any better, is if we were actually live on stage doing a show together. That would be a blast!
  3. Do you have a dream guest? Oh yeah, any of the authors I listed above as my childhood favorites would definitely be on my dream list, although sadly some of them are no longer living. There are a few authors that have become new favorites that I’d give a body part or two to have on: Victoria Schwab, James Rollins, Pierce Brown, and Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark (from the My Favorite Murder podcast).
  4. What’s the goal for the podcast (besides world domination…) I plan to do the same thing I do every week, Timmy, try to take over the world! Aside from that, I just want to keep reaching more listeners, and having more awesome authors on. I’d like to take my show to conventions and events and set up live story readings and interviews for fans, so I think that will be the next thing I pursue, making connections to bring the show on location to as many cool places as possible.
  5. Will you offer surveys or options for fans to request topics or genres? I’ve never thought about that, but I’d be very open to the idea, perhaps I can set up a poll on my patreon page or on my website. I always love it when listeners get more involved with the show!




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