The Power Company returns! New members. New threats. More action!

September 26, 2019 — COALITION COMICS’ groundbreaking series THE POWER COMPANY returns for its second issue! The project, a joint collaboration of several independent publishers including Champion Comics, Iron Gate Comics, Standard Comics, Kringlistic Comix, Nevaland Comix, Angry Bear Press, Heroes TCG Press, and Extraordinum Media, continue to bring you the same high-octane storytelling you’ve come to expect!

Picking up right after the events of the first issue, the team not only has to deal with the death of one member, but the departure of another! Fortunately, two new heroes are there to bolster their forces as they continue the battle against the evil CYBORILLA and his team of of malcontents, DAMAGE, INC.! With gorgeous linework from Indy staple LUIS RIVERA, and colors by TRISTAN MACDONALD and FISH LEE, this will be one gorgeous book to behold.

As with the first campaign, there are a number of rewards from which to choose, including alternate covers by Marvel Comics’ own FRED HEMBECK, the legendary MITCH BALLARD, and a special Chibi edition by DAVID JAXON! But certainly don’t overlook the main cover by JASON METCALF! But not only that, you can get a special #1/2 issue by ERIC N. BENNETT, MITCH BALLARD, and TRISTAN MACDONALD! And of course, if you missed out on the first issue, or the Handbook, those are available as well!

Join us, and POWER ON!


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