The Lonely Phoenix (A Tale from Levannalé Book 1)

*****What’s TIM reading?*****

I’ll tell you what I’m reading!! I’ve recently dove into something magical – It’s called: The Lonely Phoenix (A Tale from Levannalé Book 1) written by the masterful and articulate Care Lynn Marshall with wondrous illustrations by Larry Thompson

Even more exciting is the fact that the writer and creator is meeting with me to answer some questions about the series and her process!! Coming next week – you don’t want to miss that! She’s already hard at work on (wait for it…) BOOK TWO!! What What What?! YUP!

Here’s the book bio:

The Sun Phoenix, the only one of her kind, has lived a long time. Whenever she grows old she builds herself a lovely pyre and is reborn from the ashes, becoming young again. Generations of crow buddies and eagle friends provide her with some company, and Father Sun comes to her mountaintop to chat when he can, but one day she begins to feel deep in her heart that something important is missing from her life. She decides to ask Father Sun a question whose answer leads her to discover an entire hidden realm filled with fantastic creatures and unique new Magick, and to discover more about her own dark origins that continue to pose a threat not only to her but also the rest of the world. To get to this new realm she must leave her protected home, and learn to trust in others, even humans. Along the way she will discover many things about herself and the world. She tries and learns new things, discovering that her own Magick is far more powerful than she previously thought, yet still susceptible to other Magickal forces. With the help of newfound friends she will finally find what is missing in her life. She will also learn about her own dark origins, and about someone who poses a threat not only to her but also the entire world.

Join the Sun Phoenix on her journey to Levannalé, The World Within!

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