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Writer T.E. Marshall may be new to the comic book space, but it won’t be long until you know his name!!!

Having worked for 10 years as a video game designer, T.E. Marshall has spent the past two years developing a world of Science Fiction and Fantasy unlike anything you’ve seen. In his spare time, T.E. also masquerades on Instagram as @NumOneFan and is on a quest to post 3 pieces of Fan Art every day for a year. This writer can attest he’s a swell dude.
**** The artwork in this comic series is insane! It reminds me of the uber popular SAGA series. CHECK IT OUT!
Set in an original fantasy world, Blue Bastion follows renegade citizen Euclid Syfer as he embarks down a series of chariot races known as The Path To Kingship. Along the way, we will meet a wide variety of colorful characters including Elder Avery Blade, the noble Queen of Capitol City, and Gabriel Thorn, the ego-maniacal leader of a group of rebels that live off the grid.
Why is he going through IndieGoGo?
With the funds, he’ll pay his team of artists to finish Issue #1, which is 36-pages long, and to print copies of the book. All funds past the initial funding goal will go towards Issues #2-#7 and merchandise. (I WANT TO SEE TOYS!)
His team includes:
Rod Luper (Penciler)
Carlos Eduardo (Inker)
Artecida (Colorist)
Priscila Souza (Letterer)
This is one the best, most intelligently crafted and creatively put-together projects I’ve seen in a long time. Please support this project, it’s the future of COMICS, and the future has never looked so good!


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