The Jamie Coville Experience: SDCC – The Gospel According to Archie

The Gospel According to Archie (57:03, 52.2mb)
On the panel were Adam Sand, Rob Bradfied, Jennifer Joan, Tessica Tseang, Pat Jankiewicz and it was moderated by Erik Amaya. Among the topics discussed were Al Hartley’s work at Marvel and why he quit to work for Archie. They started talking about Spire, their licensed work, then the Archie comics. They went over some odd and now politically incorrect parts of the comic, how Archie characters were sometimes drawn off model, how certain characters like Reggie and Midge were almost never used and how there was some dark scenes not typically found in Archie Comics. The groups spoke about Hartley’s method of trying to convert people with these comics and why she didn’t agree with it. They also spoke about Jack Chick Comics and the Riverdale TV show.

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