The Jamie Coville Experience: SDCC – Steve Ditko: Artist

Steve Ditko: Artist (45:17, 41.4mb)
Scott Dunbier, Paul Levitz, Nick Lowe, David Schwartz and Steve Leialoha all shared their stories of Steve Ditko. Paul spoke about working with Steve Ditko and Wally Wood at the age of 19 on Stalker. Scott talked about printing Ditko’s art in the artists edition books. David told his story of communicating with Ditko via letters and eventually getting a 3-hour visit and conversation with him. Nick told some hilarious Ditko stories courtesy of former Marvel editor Ralph Macchio. Steve Leialoha talked about inking Ditko pencils on what is likely his last comic book for another publisher and then meeting him. Paul and Nick revealed that DC and Marvel were still regularly reaching out to Ditko to see if he was willing to do some work for them, Marvel in particular wanted him to do something with Squirrel Girl. They spoke about Shade the Changing Man and what Ditko did best in comics.

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