The Jamie Coville Experience: SDCC – Maggie Thompson Spotlight: The Comics Buyers Guide

Maggie Thompson Spotlight: The Comics Buyers Guide (40:51, 37.4mb)
On the panel was Maggie Thompson, Mark Evanier, Scott Brick and R.C. Harvey. Maggie described the origin and the ending of The Comics Buyers Guide. Mark Evanier spoke about why he started and stopped writing for CBG. Maggie told a story about proposing a book of Mark Evanier columns and the shocking reason they turned it down. R. C. Harvey talked about his involvement with the magazine. Scott discussed writing comic history articles for CBG. It was also revealed that Scott wrote the most popular article the magazine had and that was about who added the ‘snap’ sound effect to Gwen Stacy’s fall, killing her. Maggie revealed the effort to save the CBG archives from the dumpster. Maggie and R.C Harvey told stories about Steve Ditko. Finally, they talked about digitizing CBG and putting them online.

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