The Jamie Coville Experience: SDCC – 20 Years of About Comics

20 Years of About Comics (52:00, 47.6mb)
The panelists were Nat Gertler, Lea Hernandez, Andrew Farago, Scott McCloud and Jim MacQuarrie. Nat spoke about why he got into publishing, who some of the early creators he publishes were and what they’ve done with their careers. He talked about some non comics-related publications that are popular like the Green Book and a Jewish parody of James Bond. He also spoke about Superfolks that influenced Kingdom Come. Nat mentioned that as of late he’s been reprinting works previously published by Eclipse, Aardvark, Dark Horse and Epic/Marvel. Scott McCloud and Nat spoke about 24-hour comics and some of the creators who did it and was published by Nat. Lea spoke about her own experience doing a 24-hour comic. Jim talked about the Licensable Bear, one issue having the first Obama in it and Nat selling a bunch on eBay and giving a cut of the eBay money to the artists.

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