The Jamie Coville Experience: SDCC 2022 – Classic Erotic Comics

Classic Erotic Comics (48:56, 112mb)
Sydney Heifer, Trina Robbins, Danny Fingeroth, Andrew Farago, Maggie Thompson, Amanda Conner all talked about classic artists who did Erotic art. Specifically Amanda Conner talked about Bill Ward, Danny Fingeroth spoke on Will Eisner, Maggie Thompson liked Lee Elisas, Andrew Farago was a fan of Jack Cole, Trina Robbins said Tarpe Mills, Matt Baker was also discussed. They also went through the common theme of spanking by many artists, including Dan DeCarlo. Al Capp’s work was mentioned as was Joe Shuster and doubt was thrown on if he drew underground erotic art that has been credited to him. Michael Dooley was the moderator.

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