The Jamie Coville Experience: Montreal Comic Con 2024, Sketch Duel: Tom Grummett, Ryan Stegman

Sketch Duel: Tom Grummett, Ryan Stegman. (40:53, 93.5mb)
Moderating the panel was Anthony Ruttgaizer. They took some odd suggestions from the audience as to what to draw, then picked something. Tom and Ryan revealed what they were working on before they came to the show, gave tips for breaking into comics, the pros and cons of working digitally, inking and the tools they use to make art, their favorite inker, what they have playing in the background while they’re drawing, AI being evil, being inspired by the things you like and using it to springboard your stuff. Note: At the end, they read off ticket numbers for a raffle, I cut that part of the audio out.

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