RICH REVIEWS: Big Bang Adventures # 27

Title: Big Bang Adventures # 27
Publisher: Big Bang Comics
Written by: Ray MacKay & Gary Carlson, Carl Gafford
Art by: Ronald C. Williams, Justin Wasson, Carl Gafford
Flats by: Shayne Cui
Price: $ 4.95 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Beware The Gray Gremlin!!!” The Knight Watchman bursts onto the scene of a crime. He is a man of action and explodes into the criminals. The poses are exciting. The Gray Gremlin has a nice power that works very well against the Knight Watchman. The Gray Gremlin at first or second look does not seem like a hardened criminal he looks more like a businessman.
The Knight Watchman tracks down the Gray Gremlin and the fight begins. The action is all out as the Knight Watchman maneuvers through the Gray Gremlin’s death trap. Knight Watchman is poetry in motion as he just keeps going taking everything the Gray Gremlin throws at him. It takes the Knight Watchman to use more than his fists to defeat the Gray Gremlin.
This is an old-style story that is just plain fun to read, the good guy fights the bad guy with the inevitable end.
“The Lady is a Skunk!” Ladybug is gorgeously illustrated. The Polecat is a smelly lady thief. Ladybug handles this crime with professionalism and skill. This is a fun short story with beautiful art.
“Miss the Beatles!” While waiting in line with friends Patty has to keep going and stop crime as Ladybug. Ladybug finds out here that sometimes saving the day saves it for yourself as well. Great fun story with slightly cartoonish art.
This issue is a comic book fan’s delight.

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