Graphic Medicine
(58:24, 54.8mb)
Participating were Ian Williams, MK Czerwic, Kriota Willberg and Gareth
Brookes. Ian and MK talked about Moms Cancer as being an
inspiring book for them, together they made the Graphic Medicine
and now have had many conferences in several cities
regarding using comics in health care,
they gave examples of comics being used in health care and why they
are great, Gareth Brookes spoke about his book A Thousand Castles, which
is about a rare diseaase
that causes people to see hallucinations and why he drew the book in
crayon. MK Czerwic showed her comic called Taking Turns about her job as
a nurse, her working for
a notable AIDS care center in Chicago and the history of the place.
Kriota Willberg described her comics that come from her years as being a
massage therapist and promoting
self care before needing medical help. She also spoke of her
contribution to a pro-choice comic drawing accurate pictures of embryos,
fetuses and babies and did research on
when the various religions believe a soul is born and when a fetus can
survive outside the womb. Ian Williams talked about his book Bad Doctor,
some of which goes into the OCD
he had at an earlier age and the humorous medical cartoons he draws now.
Within the Q&A they spoke about Jack Black and how they don’t define
what a Graphic Medicine comic is.
Note: I lost the tail end of this panel due to a recorder malfunction.

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