Darwyn Cooke Tribute
(1:12:48, 68.3mb)
On the Panel was Michael Cho, Brian McLachlan, J. Bone, Steve Manale,
Sean Phillips, Mark Askwith, Dennis Cooke and his daughter. They started
off by reading a letter from
Darwyn widow Marsha that went into some detail about what had happened
to Darwyn. The panelists described their first meeting Darwyn, how
Darwyn drew and worked, his original
G.I. Joe collection, his first comic book work. Steve Manale talked
about sharing a studio with Darwyn, the group talked about “the Superman
club” that sprung up around Darwyn,
Dennis Cooke revealed some childhood info about Darwyn, Dennis’s
daughter spoke about her uncle, the group talked about Darwyn’s strong
views on what superheroes should be and
Darwyn’s love of Hal Jordan, his attention to detail and researching the
society during the time periods of his story settings, Darwyn’s inking,
how Darwyn loved kids and giving
them free sketches, they told some funny stories about his interactions
with fans, Sean Phillips talked about their mutual love of crime stories
and their hanging out together,
at they all gave their favourite Darwyn story.

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