The Fantastically Fun and Twisted Romp Is Available in Book Form from AHOY COMICS This Month

Rated “P” for Pottymouth

We Repeat: The Acclaimed Graphic Novel Written by Tom Peyer and Illustrated by Chris Giarrusso, The Renowned Young Readers Artist, Is Not Intended For Children

Unless They’re Bad and Very Curious

(November 11) Three heroes with three special skills: brains, strength, and unwarranted enthusiasm! Together they vow to confront fantastic perils and monetize them! But will their selfish bickering destroy the team? And why do they spell out “Hashtag?”

Welcome to the world of HASHTAG: DANGER, the critically acclaimed comic by Tom Peyer, AHOY Comics’ Editor-in-Chief and writer, and Chris Giarrusso, the renowned young readers artist, who have teamed up to create a fantastically fun and twisted romp. Follow surly brainiac Einstein Armstrong, bumbling heavyweight Sugar Rae Huang, and hapless leader Desiree Danger as they muddle their way through endless life-threatening and comical adventures—many of which could have been avoided, if only they’d hadn’t made that Craigslist ad for vicious villains to attack them… HASHTAG: DANGER: DANGER ON DINOSAUR ISLAND collects all the HASHTAG: DANGER stories from issues #1-5 of the comic book series, plus the Hashtag Danger back-features from AHOY titles HIGH HEAVEN and CAPTAIN GINGER.

“Chris Giarrusso is one of the top artists of comics for young readers,” said Tom Peyer. “But his drawings, while simple on the surface, observe character and genre with such subtlety, such accuracy, they cried out for a deeper, more adult work of fiction. Unfortunately, all I could think of was this dumb story where cute characters swear a lot and kill dinosaurs.”

“For the last 20 years, people have been suggesting I draw comics featuring adult characters,” said Chris Giarrusso. “Now that it’s happened, those people feel completely betrayed.”

“We here at AHOY Comics want readers everywhere to know that HASHTAG: DANGER: DANGER ON DINOSAUR ISLAND is a sharp edged satire, full of cursing and adult humor,” said AHOY Comics Publisher Hart Seely. “We urge our loyal readers to read the book in the privacy of their own home. If they insist on reading the book in a public place, we urge them to conceal the book in a brown paper bag and keep it hidden at all times from impressionable eyes.”

Charming, off-the-wall, and just the right amount of twisted, HASHTAG: DANGER will have you laughing out loud with each and every yeti kidnapping, capitalist diatribe, and prank that goes way, way, way too far… AHOY Comics will publish HASHTAG: DANGER: DANGER ON DINOSAUR ISLAND in comic shops and bookstores on November 20th.

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